Restaurants waste a lot of food on a daily basis. According to Feeding America, almost half the food grown, processed and transported in America gets wasted, and around 40 percent of this wastage comes from consumer facing business in the food industry. Considering these numbers, it is high time for restaurants and hotels to implement crucial steps that can help reduce food wastage. Having said that, in this blog we discuss some smart strategies that food service consultants advice to restaurant and hotel people to reduce food wastage. Read on.

1. Don’t Purchase Extra Stock

Before making a new purchase, check the amount of existing stock to avoid wastage. Check your inventory report to avoid overbuying, especially fresh vegetables and fruits. Adopting minimum stock approach is an ideal way to avoid wastage, especially of the fresh food items. When storing the food items, ensure that you check for any stale items present in the refrigerator. You also need to keep a track of the expiry date of the food items to avoid wastage.

2. Check the Portion Size

Another smart way to reduce food wastage is portion control. This step will not only control food costs but will also manage wastage from the customer’s end. Use portion control appliances such as scoops when plating a dish. Portion size also provides an idea about the raw materials used when preparing a dish. Standardization of the recipes also helps in keeping check on the food cost.

3. Store the Food Items with Care

One of the main reasons restaurants end up wasting a lot of food is improper way of storing the food items. Without proper storage, the food items can decay and lead to wastage. Ensure that you store the food at the right temperature and avoid cross contamination. The food items that you buy have a shelf life. Make sure that you use the food items within the mentioned shelf life to avoid wastage.

4. Recycle and Donate Food

It is not possible to prevent wastage completely as some food items will be left unused. Instead of throwing the food items in the garbage bin, you can donate the food to people who need it. You can get in touch with organizations that work for food waste management.

Last Few Words

Food service consultants can help you implement the above mentioned strategies and thereby help you reduce the amount of wastage. If you want to reduce food wastage in your food services business, our experts at HPG Consulting are equipped with extensive experience and knowledge to help you reduce food wastage. To get the ball rolling, fill out our contact form or simply call +91-11-43505228/29 or +919311202627