When planning the kitchen of a residential property, aesthetic aspects such as the color of walls, furniture, and lighting are the primary considerations. Planning a commercial kitchen, on the other hand, requires more than that. In addition to aesthetic elements, you need to consider various factors ranging from optimum space utilization to local laws guiding food businesses. It is therefore essential to bring in a food industry consultant to help set up a commercial kitchen. To help you get started, we give you three important things to consider when planning a commercial kitchen.

Prioritize Space Utilization

According to food service facility planning specialists, a commercial kitchen should have enough space for employees to seamlessly execute their daily activities. A commercial kitchen can be a busy and chaotic place. With constant inflow of orders, each of the employees must work with optimum efficiency. For efficiency to outgrow and never backtrack, is is essential to have enough movement space in the kitchen.

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Select the Equipment Needed

After brainstorming about the type of restaurant or food joint you want to come up with, check with food industry consultants about the equipment and other essentials you would need. Make sure you have enough space for the equipment you select for your kitchen. What is the use of a larger-than-life refrigerator if it uses more than half of the available space? Going that extra mile and discussing the plan of your business with the city’s best food service management consultants will help ensure optimum utilization of the available resources.

Check Local Laws and Regulations

When starting a new business, the last thing you want is finding yourself at the receiving end of the law. Every business has to be setup in compliance with local rules and regulations set out by the zoning commission. Don’t rush into finalizing any design. You need to adhere to the standard process and keep in mind that the execution of instructions laid as per zoning laws takes time. Meant for long-term use,  commercial kitchens overnight aren’t built overnight.

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Wrapping Up

If you are planning to setup a commercial kitchen, the food industry consultants at HPG Consulting can help. We specialize in conceptualizing flawless commercial kitchen designs and executing the project from start to finish. Be it a new hotel where you need food service management or an old restaurant that needs a makeover, we promise nothing but excellence. Check our accomplished projects or call us at +91-11-43505228/29 or + 971-56-373-8349 to learn more about how we can help.