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We will help you achieve your goals through design and implementation of Food service facilities.

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We are trusted by Iconic Brands

We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading brands in industries including hospitality, healthcare education, corporate and more. This is a representation of our valued clients, however not an exhaustive list of the brands we represent every day.

Case Studies

Explore some of the transformations we were instrumental in achieving.


International Tech Giant at Hyderabad, India


1500 bedded hospital in Kashmir


A School Kitchen in Western India.


The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Company Stories

The hpg blog

In the two decades of being professional consultants for commercial kitchen design, laundry design and solid waste management, we have created a library of questions & answers, insights, SOPs and more, that continue to guide us towards better designs, solutions and strategies for our clients.

Commercial Kitchen Consulting
HPG Consulting

The Secret Ingredient You Didn’t Know You Were Missing: The Power of Storytelling in Restaurant Branding

But wait, my restaurant serves food, not fairytales! Hold on, because the truth is, every restaurant has a story to tell. It’s the narrative woven from the owner’s passion, the history of the building, and the inspiration behind the menu. It’s the tale of Nonna’s secret pasta sauce simmering for generations or the adventurous chef who spent years exploring the world’s cuisines.

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Food Service Consultation
HPG Consulting

The Power of Data in Restaurant Success

Step into the future of restaurant management with data-driven insights. Learn how analyzing data can optimize your kitchen operations, refine your menu, and boost customer satisfaction. Read on to explore how data can transform your restaurant’s success.

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HPG Consulting

Hospitality’s Staffing Crisis and the Recipe for Revival

From optimizing your kitchen layout with designated zones to implementing an assembly line for food prep, there are several strategies to streamline your culinary workspace. Equipping your kitchen with smart tools and fostering clear communication among staff further enhances efficiency.

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