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HPG Consulting is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in Food Service, Laundry, Back-Of-House, and Solid Waste Management for all market segments. Our team of professional consultants helps identify your vision & subsequently work tirelessly to make it a reality.

We aim to innovate through our expertise while using a comprehensive approach for an efficacious logistical planning of spaces and equipment that translates into a successful design model.
Our services encompass assistance in Conceptualization, Facility Planning, Food Service Planning, Operational Area Planning and Laundry Planning for New Hotels, Healthcare Facilities, Institutional Dining Spaces, Malls, Restaurants, Food Courts and all other hospitality Projects along with re-calibration and refurbishment of prevailing operating segments.
As your facility management services provider, we can help resurrect various aspects of your organization from the ground up. Our experts take the time to analyze the current and future needs of your organization and create a holistic plan offering the perfect blend of value and sustainability.

HPG Consulting

Area of Expertise

Kitchen Planning

HPG Consulting planning the layout and design of the kitchen in accordance with the food service concepts, including commissary, bakery & Confectionary, finishing kitchen, services, cold kitchens and service Bars, specify kitchen production and operating equipment and plan the management of the solid waste.

Food Service Planning

Detailed food related planning including, Innovative food, beverage, and dessert concepts. Planning for Display Kitchens, Deli Shops, Specialty Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bars. Identify, address the design and operational issues describing food service design and layout.

Laundry Planning

An effective Laundry Design to cater to the needs of entire operations from Guest Linen to House keeping and other requirements. HPG Consulting provide laundry designs detailed on following criteria including Linen Load, Equipment Selection, Mechanical Data Sheets & Laundry Layout.

Solid Waste Management Consultant

In every food & beverage outlet, there is almost 40% solid waste generation. It’s utmost important to have an effective Solid Waste Management System to not only discard the waste but also to do it in the most hygienic manner complying with the local guidelines and international norms.

Hotel Technical Services

For non – branded (international) Hotel’s looking forward for international standards, we provide Assistance in the overall planning of a Hotel Project, it starts with the Ideal Area Requirements, the nature of the Facility Mix and evaluation of the finished blueprints.

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F & B Consultant for Multi-Use Mega Projects

For non – branded (international) Hotel’s looking forward for international standards, we provide Assistance in the overall planning of a Hotel Project, it starts with the Ideal Area Requirements, the nature of the Facility Mix and evaluation of the finished blueprints.

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Since inception, we have helped restaurants, hotels, schools, commercial facilities, and various other businesses in ensuring seamless operations, while keeping a check on costs.

Evolving consumer demands have made it essential for organizations to up their game, in order to survive and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive business environments. Striking the right balance between efficiency and cost, however, may require several iterations, if the setup is not planned and executed with an acute focus on every aspect of operations.

That’s when you need an expert such as HPG Consulting. We are a one-stop consultancy that can help you address an array of business needs, covering every conceivable aspect of facility planning and management. Our key focus is to provide assistance in conceptualization, facility planning, food service planning, operational area planning, kitchen design consulting and laundry planning, for hotels, restaurants, food courts and other food service projects and in repositioning and re-engineering existing operating units.

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Still thinking?

Well, here are a few of our distinctions to help you make up your mind.

Comprehensive Expertise

Whether you are looking for expert advice on a food court design layout or need a hotel facility planning expert, our consultant are equipped with all that’s needed to help guide the way.

Collaborative Approach

Our experts take the time to understand every minute detail of your operations, to come up with tailored solutions that are precisely aligned with your needs.


We leverage the latest tools and technologies to make sure we exceed your expectations on every conceivable aspect of facilities planning and management.

Extensive Experience

Our vast experience comprises working on a diverse array of projects ranging from hotels to restaurants to educational institutes to various other types of projects.

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