Hotel Facility Planning for Seamless Operations

HPG Consulting, an end-to-end hotel facility planning and management company, partners with clients to help them through all the stages of hotel facility planning and development, right from conceptualization to execution.

Streamlining your Business Operations

The objective of our hotel facility design and planning is to streamline your business operations through the optimal use of resources, ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity.
We provide comprehensive facility planning services for upcoming hotels and also specialize in re-engineering and repositioning existing assets.

How We Deliver

HPG Consulting is a leading facility planning and management company with a holistic approach to hotel facility layouts and designs. Our expertise encompasses a number of areas including:
Our experts examine the current and future needs of every business and put forward facility designs that incorporate both company values and sustainability goals. Every hotel facility planning map we draw for our clients is based on an in-depth market analysis, paired with a deep understanding of client requirements.


J.W Marriott

– Kitchen Management Consultant
– Laundry Management Consultant
– Solid Waste Management Consultant
– Back of the House (BOH) Design Consultant

Why Choose us?

HPG Consulting is a hotel design, planning and development company with almost two decades of experience in delivering a complete gamut of facility planning services. We provide undivided focus to every client, while integrating dynamic facility designs to help them thrive in increasingly competitive environments. Here are some of the attributes that set us apart:

– Headed by a team of trained and dynamic professionals with hands-on experience

– Excellent teamwork and collaboration

– Expertise in the entire range of F&B planning and development services

– Worked with all major hospitality brands in the world

– Hundreds of prestigious projects, both completed and ongoing

– Render services to hotels, resorts & spas, religious institutes, healthcare facilities, etc.

– Presence in Indian and abroad

We are trusted by Iconic Brands

We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading brands in industries including hospitality, healthcare education, corporate and more. This is a representation of our valued clients, however not an exhaustive list of the brands we represent every day.

We'd love to partner with you.