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a bird in a resort in himachal pradesh

A Case of Sustainability in Hospitality

The world has lived through one of the most cataclysmic scenarios that we could have predicted. The 2020 COVID pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons that all of us in the commercial kitchen industry should instill in our operations.

The Dabbawalas in Mumbai

Food Delivery Behemoths Vs A Six-Sigma Delivery System

If you have ever stepped into a local train in Mumbai, chances are you will have noticed at least once the ubiquitous white dressed man with a Gandhi cap holding a bundle of tiffin boxes. 

a woman in a village near a resort in dharmshala

Food Service Trends across the World

With a now constantly-changing atmosphere around the world, it’s no surprise that food trends are also changing. What we eat, how we eat it, how it’s made, and how it impacts the Earth.

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Edible Gardens:
Edifices towards Environmental Emancipation and Engagement.

World over there is a revolution afoot. Gardens are turning active with more than just aesthetics. From feeding communities to engaging corporates, edible gardens are proving great for our mental and physical health.

No child left behind: School lunches for more than sustenance.

Schools and education are dynamic and passionate issues. A fundamental need and right, schools keep redefining to stay relevant to changing trends. Environmentally conscious and ethically inclined younger demography are demanding serious action reflecting in every choice they make, including school lunches.

Thought Hub / Hospitality

Sustainable Development Practices in the Hospitality Industry:

Tourism is the largest industry globally, generating $1.5 trillion in revenue and supporting 11 million jobs. The hospitality industry is a vital source of income for many communities, offering employment and generating revenue. However, tourism has negative impacts on the environment and human health.

Future of Waste Management

“Solid waste management is everyone’s business. Ensuring effective and proper solid waste management is critical to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Senior Director of the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice.

Thought Hub / Hospitality

Absolute Zero Waste Kitchen

A logical and realistic approach to the concept of “Absolute zero waste kitchen in a commercial setting” would be to understand where we stand today and to critically review of our guiding principles.

Corporate Cafeteria Design

There's something about food that brings people together, whether they're chatting in the kitchen or sharing a meal. The cafeteria is where coworkers, work, and the organisation as a whole come together. Cafeterias are more than just places where people eat. This is a place for coworkers to connect and work together.

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