A restaurant’s staff is it’s lifeline, and therefore, hiring the right people is definitely one of the prerequisites to ensure seamless operations. Hiring the best restaurant staff, however, may not be enough as you would also need to train them and monitor their performance. That’s the reason why food service consultants advise restaurant owners to have predefined key performance indicators for their restaurant staff. That said, in this post, we list a few things that will help you monitor and enhance the performance of your staff. Take a look.

Keep an account of the number of tables served

One of the essential ways to track the performance of your restaurant staff is to keep an account of the tables served by each staff member, on a particular day, or for a period of time.  Analysing the number of tables served by each staff will help you understand whether there are any shortcomings. There may be times when a restaurant may report high footfall but a particular staff may not have covered as many tables as expected. The poor performance may be a result of inefficiency or long table turnover. Irrespective of the issue, considering the number of tables covered by a restaurant staff can help you find the cause of the problem.

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Monitor the attendance

This is another way to track the performance and sincerity of your restaurant staff. Moreover, keeping a track of the attendance is crucial to measure their KPIs and decide their overall performance. With the help of restaurant management software, you can keep a track of your staff’s attendance and also check whether any of the staff members is consistently taking leaves, or not following the timings. In such a situation, you can always discuss the problem with the concerned staff member.

Track how diligently they perform their tasks

Keeping a track of the responsibilities of restaurant staff is extremely important. Use the restaurant management software to build a task list for all your staff members and track them on a regular basis to see how diligently they are performing their chores. You can also use the software to ensure that the responsibilities are divided equally.

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