Commercial Kitchens And Menu Design

commercial kitchen menu

 Menus hold the key to commercial kitchen planning in a food and beverage set-up. On a primary level, everything on the menu is stored, prepared, and cooked in the commercial kitchen. On a secondary level, this helps in commercial kitchen planning, types of equipment/appliances to be used in the kitchen area for food storage, and prep and utilization of kitchen space. 

The people who understand the requirements of the menu and commercial kitchen plans are the chefs and the food service team. Since they are the ones that will be involved in the kitchen and food service space all day, they know exactly what is needed to bring the menu to life. Taking their opinion into consideration helps chalk out an effective blueprint for the menu design.  

A good menu design always: 

Elaborating a few points above that are crucial in a great menu design: 


An ideal menu is a delicate and strategic alliance of classic food items and fresh food trends. This is done to balance the right food cost ratio to maintain and increase profits. This is a basic strategy to begin while designing a menu. 

Pricing of food items on the menu helps kill two birds with one stone, namely customer attraction and profits. Menu engineers suggest that prices of the food items should be placed mentioned after the food description, rather than on a column next to the food description. This can result in customers ordering the food for what it has to offer rather than just because of price. This strategy can lead to higher sales, as it’s more customer-friendly.  

Marketing and psychology are two arrows used by industries to hit their target audience. When it comes to menu design, there is no surprise here that it uses both marketing and psychology in the form of subliminal messaging, power of suggestion, influencing decision-making, etc. This is known as menu engineering and its experts are known as menu engineers. 

Here are some principles highly recommended by menu engineers: 

ex: A field experiment at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University found that menu labels with descriptive words such as ‘succulent Italian seafood fillet’ vs. ‘seafood fillet’ resulted in diners feeling more satisfied with their meal, resulting in favorable feedback on survey cards and social media. 

How has menu design evolved post-covid? 

One can infer that menu design plays a huge role in commercial kitchen planning. It requires a team of people who can collectively work together to put the message of a commercial food and beverage set-up. A team requires a good coach, and that’s where commercial kitchen planners come into the picture. Commercial kitchen planners are known to cover all aspects of conceptualizing, planning, designing, and implementation of a commercial kitchen and foodservice space. When it comes to menu design they work with designers, engineers, and copywriters who can deliver the desired layout on the recommendations of the chef and food service staff of the commercial food and beverage set-up. 

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