Resilience and the love for the community are keeping the spirits of the Indian population alive as the country tirelessly battles the second wave of the coronavirus head-on. It is truly heartening to see that Indians might have given up on systems, but have turned to each other in the hopes of unconditional support. That is why on every social media platform they are all coming together to find the necessary COVID medical and food essentials for every member of society. Amidst all the despair surrounding the citizens, hope and the ‘belief of a better tomorrow’ are the glue binding the society together. 

Citizens have managed to find solace in food and this is the only thing that is currently uniting us all. We might be miles away from each other but the food is keeping us together. And the plus point is that the virus transmission does not occur from the consumption of food. The WHO clearly states that “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through contact with food or food packaging. COVID-19 is generally thought to be spread from person to person. However, it’s always important to practice good hygiene when handling food to prevent any food-borne illnesses.” That is why people continue to depend on delivery partners who bravely deliver food being prepared by commissaries and cloud kitchens during these challenging times. 

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Just as the food and beverage industry was crawling back to recovery, its slow and steady progress was brought to a standstill after the second wave. Currently, the food and beverage industry is surviving on takeouts, food delivery, and cloud kitchen systems, that were put into place when the industry pivoted towards them with the first wave of the coronavirus. To be honest, profits might not be visible for the near future, what food and beverage industries are managing to do with their commercial kitchens is heroic. Commercial kitchens during the second wave have risen to be the ‘unsung heroes’ because they have managed to consistently deliver food to everyone, whether rich or poor, especially to COVID-affected families. 

The second wave brought in by the coronavirus is affecting people in large numbers, including families who stay in the same house, where it gets difficult to manage even basic activities due to the illness and quarantine. For COVID-affected families, commercial kitchens have managed to plan menus, prepare and deliver nutritious, hygienic food to COVID-affected families while maintaining the highest level of food safety standards. Commercial kitchens are doing a fabulous job helping India fight the second wave of the coronavirus. 

Where exactly are commercial kitchens operating from? And how are they coming together to feed the ‘ailing India’?

Commercial kitchens operate out of restaurants, hotels, bakeries, cloud kitchens, and community kitchens (eg: Gurudwaras, Temples, etc). 

The following are how commercial kitchens are being put to use for a ‘noble mission’: 

  1. i) Chefs, restaurateurs from upmarket restaurants, and hotel chains have volunteered to distribute free & paid meals to covid-affected families. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner from their fixed menus and all the food is planned and prepared in their commercial kitchen set-ups maintaining the highest level of food nutrition and hygiene standards.


Fig & Maple (Delhi-NCR)

Cravity Cafe (Delhi-NCR)

Massive Restaurants (Delhi-NCR) 

Zazo Foods (Mumbai)

Slurp Studio (Bengaluru)

Green Theory (Bengaluru)

The Circus Canteen (Bengaluru)

Malaka Spice (Pune)

Poona Guest House (Pune)

  1. ii) There are food start-ups that are providing subscription-based meals at extremely pocket-friendly price points to people who need regular meals and aren’t able to prepare them for themselves. 


Bhojan tech (Delhi-NCR) 

Spice Box (Mumbai)

Bengaluru Oota Company (Bengaluru)

Mom Nom Kitchen (Pune)

iii) There are some sweet shops and bakeries that have teamed up with NGOs, foundations, and volunteer groups, to provide fresh, home-cooked meals prepared in their commercial kitchen set-ups to those in need. 


Khoya (Delhi-NCR)

  1. iv) Community kitchens run by gurdwaras and temples have been a great help during these trying times. They are known to provide free meals to people daily and are supported by their patrons. 


Delhi Langar Seva Society 

Food and beverage set-ups like the above that need to function efficiently to carry on their noble work require a commercial kitchen planner who can help optimize their commercial kitchen and streamline the process. Since these commercial kitchens are playing a role as important as our healthcare workers, they require the best brains at work to help them ease their job. Because at the end of the day commercial kitchens are saving lives through health and nutrition. 

HPG Consulting

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