Commercial Kitchen Configurations

Whether designing a restaurant or upgrading an existing one, your commercial kitchen design standards requires careful consideration. While it may not receive the same attention as your dining room layout, a safe and efficient kitchen configuration is crucial for a positive guest experience. A well-designed commercial kitchen layout allows your back-of-house (BOH) crew to make… Continue reading Commercial Kitchen Configurations

How to Design your Kitchen Workflow

Because of the variety of possible layouts, most kitchens must be fitted to the kind of building, making process flow analysis even more important. Each kitchen is planned individually, taking into account the various physical and functional needs. A solid understanding of kitchen equipment and processes, including people and resources, is essential when planning the… Continue reading How to Design your Kitchen Workflow

The Necessary functions of a Commercial Kitchen

Before building your restaurant’s kitchen, consider the workflow and necessary kitchen items, as each restaurant’s design will have different requirements. A contemporary bistro, for example, will require different equipment and designs than a fast food restaurant. As a result, when you begin designing kitchen layouts, think about all of the equipment the restaurant will require… Continue reading The Necessary functions of a Commercial Kitchen

Where to Start When Designing a Commercial Kitchen

There are certain steps to follow when planning for a commercial kitchen design, as nothing can be changed after it is finally done.   Step 1: Involve Your Chef   It is absolutely necessary to involve your chef in the commercial kitchen design, as the chef decides what equipment needs to be laid out in… Continue reading Where to Start When Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Go Green in Commercial Kitchen

As we understand that the resources are finite and should be used wisely and conservatively. And we leave the resources for our future generations to come so that they can meet their needs. It is the need of the hour. Sustainability is based on three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. The hotel industry consumes resources… Continue reading Go Green in Commercial Kitchen