Companies Making The Switch To Zero Waste: How Difficult Can It Be?

The world of corporate enterprises has always been one that produced a sizable carbon footprint. Enterprises are already taking the pledge to switch to going sustainable in future years. Major corporations like Microsoft and the Formula One group have predicted that they can make a switch to creating a carbon neutral footprint in the next decade. 

So what does it mean to make a switch to zero waste? Can companies truly achieve a negative carbon footprint? And how can commercial waste management consultants bridge the gap? 

Success Stories 

Some companies have already taken small but significant steps to go sustainable. H&M, A major clothing brand from Sweden launched a clothing segment purely revolving around sustainable clothing and production in 2010. The program has fallen under criticism for various reasons, but nonetheless proves that companies are willing to take a step towards going sustainable. IKEA, another Swedish brand has slowly made a shift towards sustainable: 50% of the wood used in IKEA furniture comes from sustainable foresters. A major retail company from India recycles nearly three quarters of its waste instead of sending it to landfills. The company has also empowered agricultural practices among small farmers, further benefiting both parties. 

The Road Ahead 

If you are someone considering making the switch to sustainable or zero waste in your company, there are obvious caveats. Making a change this significant can either be a speedy process or laboriously slow, even extending into decades depending on the scale of operation and the company. There are also costs involved: Investing in green resources has a high initial cost. Hiring a company waste management consultant goes a long way towards making the switch towards becoming a zero waste company. 

So How? 

Some of the simplest practices include proper energy management. Something as simple as eco friendly lighting solutions can take a huge load off local energy grids. Making a switch to renewable energy is also a significant step. Then the usage of materials that have been recycled. Major tech companies like Intel already recycle more than 85% of their waste produced. 

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