We all remember a video where a marine biologist was removing a plastic straw that was stuck inside the nostril of an olive ridley turtle. It’s like a mirror was held up against humanity. A mirror that showed us the truth of single-use plastic. In a moment of epiphany, everyone around the world banned the use of single-use plastic straws and moved towards metal or biodegradable straws. 

But, the only culprit isn’t straws, right? The culprit is single-use plastic cutlery as well. 

Plastic cutlery includes items such as forks, spoons, spatulas, coffee-stirrers, coffee spoons, knives, etc. They are all manufactured for a ‘one time use’ which means after a single-use, they are meant to be thrown away. After they are disposed of, plastic cutlery lands up in landfills and waterways. The harsh reality is that plastic is non-biodegradable, which means that even if a plastic spoon is broken into tiny pieces and thrown into the soil, it will not break down by the microorganisms present in the soil. And the other bitter truth is that plastic cutlery is hazardous for aquatic animals. The Ocean Conservancy lists cutlery as among the items “most deadly” to sea turtles, birds, and mammals. 

All of this leads to an important truth that the waste disposal of plastic cutlery is nothing short of an endless nightmare. That is why, as humans, it is our moral duty to improve our waste disposal by stopping the use of single-use plastic cutlery entirely. 


These are the measures one can adopt as a safe and sustainable solution: 

1) Opt for biodegradable or wooden cutlery while eating at a restaurant

2) Bring your own cutlery: when visiting a restaurant or a cafe that doesn’t offer disposable cutlery, it’s always safe to carry your own. 

3) Opt-out of plastic cutlery for online food orders 

4) Say ‘Yes’ to edible cutlery 

5) Purchase ceramic, stainless steel, bamboo, wooden cutlery for home use 


Biodegradable and edible cutlery options are actually brilliant ideas for waste disposal even after they are found in landfills or waterways. The main reason for this is that it is easier for microorganisms found in the soil and the aquatic animal to break down the edible and biodegradable cutlery as compared to plastic cutlery.  


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