Plastic is already proven to be indispensable in the 21st century. Nearly 10 billion tons of plastic were produced in the last few years alone, in various forms. Single-use, undoubtedly, is the most ubiquitous and undesirable one in the list. It’s here that things start to go awry. Gradually making a move to zero plastic is the only way to combat this, either independently, which is a considerable leap of course, or with the help of someone with effective commercial waste management consultant know-how. 

When not appropriately treated, plastic quickly turns into an extremely harmful resource, choking land, sea and even air. Nearly a third or even half the plastics in use will currently end up untreated, and will eventually make its way to the sea as microplastics. Soon there will be more microplastic in the ocean than actual fish, which is a terrifying consequence.

Industries are to blame as well. One of the world’s leading soft drink brands is also known to be one of the most significant contributors of plastic pollution, whether directly or otherwise, In a 2020 survey done by Break Free From Plastic, this company’s products contributed to nearly 3% of plastics collected. 

Although most commercial establishments might not contribute to plastic usage at this scale, on a collective basis, we all generate enough plastic to turn it into a worrisome issue. 

So one of the effective way to prevent this is to become effective at commercial waste management, slowly but surely inching towards having no plastics in your operations at all. There are advantages to it. The most obvious one is that going zero plastic is a massive step in converting your business into a sustainable business for everyone. By making a switch to biodegradable alternatives, you’ll also be supporting companies that produce eco-friendly packaging and alternatives. A more recent case study showcased a pizza place in the Philippines made a switch from regular cardboard to sundried leaves produced by local artisans; which is hugely beneficial to the artisans, the restaurant, and eventually the planet! 

We understand that it might be challenging to make a switch to zero plastics right away for a commercial establishment. But let us take that first step. Chat with our commercial waste management experts at HPG Consulting. We have addressed these issues for over 21 years. Together, we can make a difference by eventually moving towards a better, more sustainable future.