With a now constantly-changing atmosphere around the world, it’s no surprise that food trends are also changing. What we eat, how we eat it, how it’s made, and how it impacts the Earth: Every single aspect was scrutinized during the early stages of the pandemic and how it will affect us going ahead. As foodservice consultants, we wanted to explore what the upcoming trends for 2021 would be. 

Digital Menus

Paper menus were slowly starting to be phased out thanks to contactless rules in 2020. By this year, we expect to see them completely replaced with digital menus, whether via QR codes or via tablets on the tables. We all love reading menus on paper but going digital here has its advantages. You don’t have to print an entire set of menus when you need things changed and your customers can directly order from the tables without the need for an intermediary. Talk to your foodservice consultant today to figure out how best to implement digital menus! 

Sustainable/Vegan Food

This should come as no surprise; the pandemic showed us quite plainly that we cannot rely on large-scale food solutions that negatively impact the environment. Sustainable food was proven to be the game-changer during uncertain times; when food supplies were hit, there was a growing dependency on plant-based foods that were more economical over the long term. Plant-based food is also invariably healthier. The lockdown stressed the need to live a mindful life and follow a mindful diet which is much easier achieved with sustainable, vegan food. And by giving the Earth and the air time to heal by growing sustainably, we allowed resources to replenish while still meeting the needs of the public. 

Food And Delivery

Delivery was one of the biggest saviors of 2020 and will continue to be our knight in armor for 2021. Food delivery reached people when they couldn’t step out. Some food delivery services in India even broke their own projections thanks to the constant demand. So it will be too for independent businesses; while the majority of people purchase directly from the commercial kitchens, a foodservice consultant would be able to add more value in the form of a delivery and logistics plan. Right from real-time tracking to order fulfillment to a separate interface for delivery executives, enabling food delivery for your commercial kitchen is actually far easier than it looks. 

AI And Internet In The Kitchen

We’ve talked about this one in-depth previously. AI is expected to take over the world of the restaurant and commercial kitchen in 2021. From robot servers to AI-based recipe books to simpler, IoT-based applications like food delivery apps and such. There is immense scope to integrate artificial intelligence into almost every facet of your commercial kitchen

Another aspect that’s not quite AI-based but definitely uses the internet is the cloud kitchen, perhaps the most sought-after trend. With a projected $2 billion valuation for 2024, cloud kitchens are definitely something to look into if you are in talks with a foodservice consultant. They may not be the typical dining experience that you want to offer but the advantages are multifold. 

Hygiene Or Bust 

Of course, the biggest trend that emerged from last year and will most definitely continue into the future is the simplest one: Keep thy establishment clean. Separate cooking stations for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Full protection kits for those in the kitchen. Masks and gloves for all the staff along with sanitizers at every table. These were a small list of measures that establishments are expected to take moving ahead. Disinfecting every table after service was always a norm but its importance now has been heightened. 

Talk to us at HPG Consulting, experts in the foodservice consultant sector to pick and choose from the latest food trends of 2021 to enable a future-ready design for your commercial kitchen