When it comes to planning a food court design layout, there are many crucial things to consider, such as theme or concept development, provision of ventilation, storage planning, and lighting system. The considerations help you to properly measure and improve the efficiency of your restaurant operations. Continuing the discussion, this blog covers some of the important considerations to remember when planning a food court design layout. Let’s dig in.

1. Theme

Theme development is the primary consideration when planning a Food court design layout which requires proper planning and designing. Not only this, it requires a lot of other elements, such as market and competitive research, financial modeling, and emerging and fading trends. If you are looking for the perfect food service facility planning process, you also need to consider various ‘what-if’ scenarios, such as supply chain issues, brand evolution, and brand portfolio management.

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2. Ventilation

Every restaurant planner must consider ventilation as an important element of safety and comfort when planning food court design layout. Proper ventilation provisions in a restaurant help eliminate smoke and unwanted smells, offering a healthy environment to the staff working in the kitchen. When it comes to possible options to ensure proper ventilation, you can go for exhaust fans and strategically placed air vents.

3. Storage

Storage is a good example of functional and operational design that is not a part of an interior design curriculum. When planning food court design layout, restaurant designers usually find a gap between the design and functional aspects, if they lack deep understanding of the restaurant industry. If you are planning to store a lot of equipments, ingredients and deliveries in your warehouse without paying any additional amount, storage is an important factor that you need to consider.

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4. Lighting

Lighting is a specialized area to consider when thinking of food service facility planning. A restaurant without a well-thought out lighting plan is like food without salt. Lightning is a major factor that captivates wallets and moods, a good example being low lighting which has the ability to make people feel relaxed, while candles create a romantic atmosphere.

Final Words

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