We’ve had the good fortune to partner with some of the most recognizable names in the hotel, healthcare, education, corporate, and other sectors. These are some of our most cherished patrons, although by no means are they the only companies we regularly represent.

Everything from the building itself to the furniture, decor and even the wait staff all play a role in creating the overall F&B theme. The restaurant’s personality and vibe are bolstered by the food and drink, so it’s essential to approach these decisions with new perspectives. We can’t settle for a cookie-cutter strategy. HPG is a frontrunner in the field of food and beverage consulting, having completed projects for both large-scale restaurant chains and independent eateries here is one project that we have completed for Fortune 500 company based in Hyderabad, Hitech City.

Briefing –

  1. We were briefed on giving a Food and Beverage Strategy for a 6 million square feet commercial space in the heart of Hyderabad – Hitech City, India
  2. With Low footfall during evenings and nights, past office hours made it unviable for restaurants set up on the campus.
  3. Strategy/ Design needed to create a space frequented by corporates during the day and public during the evenings.
  4. Create an attractive space for both clientele and employees without compromising one for the other.

Design –

  1. Offices could sometimes be uninspiring for workers hence we came up with EAF (Entertainment, Adventure, and Food) inspired designs to maximize utilization of spaces and give a new ambiance for workers to expand their thinking horizons.
  2. Adventure and Entertainment offerings to attract corporates for team-building activities as well as city crowds.
  3. Full-spectrum of the dining experience was envisaged from the economical food trucks to high-end formal dining spaces for executives and upper-middle-class families to have an eventful time with their colleagues and friends.

Execution –

  • The strategy was conceptualized along with entertainment, adventure, and culinary offerings, designed to attract both corporate and friends & family outings.
  • To bring the local flavor, street food culture was brought into the gambit with safe & hygienic conditions, which is a first in the country.

Result –

Lunch-only handicap was overcome with the adventure and entertainment offerings being a pull for both corporate team building and friends & family outings alike.

Hi-Tech City Hyderabad is an aspirational corporate space during the day and transforms into a happening place in the evenings.

The requirement was achieved and all the issues, foreseen and otherwise were successfully tackled resulting in smooth services and food service.

The key focus of HPG Consulting is to provide assistance in the Conceptualization, Facility Planning, Food Service Planning, Operational Area Planning, and Laundry Planning for New Hotels, Restaurants, Food Courts, and other Food Service Projects and in Re-Positioning and Re-Engineering of existing operating units. We have successfully worked with some of the major fortune 500 companies and some homegrown companies from INDIA.