When it comes to starting a restaurant, you need to address various prerequisites to ensure a seamless start. Besides taking care of the restaurant design and food service planning, you may also need to obtain certain licenses and permits. If you are confused about where to start, consult a team of experienced food service consultants such as HPG Consulting. Continuing on the subject, this blog covers some of the necessary licenses and permits you may need to start a restaurant. Take a look.

1. Business License

To start a restaurant, you’ll need to obtain a business license. It is a permit issued by the government allowing an individual or a company to legally conduct business in a specific jurisdiction. To apply for the license, you need to register your business and pay the required application fee.

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2. Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An EIN is a tax identification number, through which the government knows you are an employer and will file your business taxes each year under this number. You can obtain your EIN number by visiting the IRS website, filing an EIN form, and paying the required application fee.

3. Food Service License

To start a restaurant business, you have to apply for a food service license. The license explains your restaurant meets all food preparation and storage laws, and safety regulations. In some cases, employers need to complete a food safety training course and get a food handler’s permit as well.

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4. Sign Permit

Every restaurant owner requires to put up signage such as a banner or hoarding on their restaurant to draw the attention of the public. Before you put up an illuminated banner on your restaurant, make sure you have a sign permit from the city or town where your restaurant is located.

5. Employee Health Permit

Individuals handling food and beverage businesses need to apply for an employee health permit. To get this permit, a restaurant owner needs to complete a state-approved food handler course. The course teaches about food storage, food service planning, design and management, proper sanitation, and food handling practices to avoid spreading foodborne diseases.

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