When thinking of starting a restaurant, you must be clear about one thing – kitchen planning and layout. That’s because the kitchen will play a key role in deciding the overall efficiency and success of your restaurant business. The restaurant kitchen layout can affect cleanliness, staff efficiency and safety, and meeting laid down codes and standards. While you can always count on an experienced commercial kitchen layout planner such as HPG Consulting to guide the way, you must also know the basics of commercial kitchen design. On that note, we present to you five common mistakes to to avoid when designing a commercial kitchen. Have a look.

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1. Ignoring Safety and Workflow

A lot of restaurant owners make the mistake of prioritizing kitchen aesthetics over workflow and worker safety. If your kitchen layout does not properly cater for the number of staff you intend to work in it, you should expect that the production capacity would be low. Plus, it puts your staff at risk as it would have them stand too close to very hot appliances.

2. Having Poor Ventilation

Poorly designed ventilation in your restaurant can pose a hazard to your staff and negatively impact the comfort of your visitors. Build-up of fumes, grease, and heat can seriously affect the health of your staff. Another result of bad ventilation system is the entrance of smoke into the dining area.

3. Using Inappropriate Building Materials

Failing to use the right materials to build your restaurant kitchen is a pretty serious mistake. Every year thousands of people end up in the hospital as result of falls. And these can happen in your kitchen if you fail to use non-slip floor tiles. Materials used in the kitchen should be easy to clean, heat-resistant, and safe.

4. Installing Small Wash Stations

Many designers may focus too much on the cooking and serving areas and neglect the wash station. The result is a ton of dirty dishes with nowhere to put them. And even clean dishes would have nowhere to keep dry. You should consider the amount of dishes, glasses, cutlery, and trays that you would be using to serve guests when design your restaurant kitchen layout.

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5. Ignoring Garbage Disposal and Recycling

Garbage is sure to build up in the course of running your restaurant every day. It is an error not to consider how much refuse will be generated daily and where to put them. Even when creating a space for refuse you should take distance from your kitchen into consideration. Not doing this would see you having trash in the wrong place.

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