Planning a commercial kitchen involves a number of aspects, ranging from finalising restaurant kitchen layout to selecting equipment. To help ensure you don’t overlook any of the details while renovating or redesigning a commercial kitchen, it is always advisable to hire a professional kitchen layout planner, such as HPG Consulting. HPG Commercial kitchen design and planning have extensive experience in designing commercial kitchens for diverse establishments. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we help you setup the perfect commercial kitchen by presenting three must-have commercial kitchen equipment. Take a look.

1. Ice Machines

Ice machines, as the name suggests, are used to create ice and dispense it into a soda fountain or ice bin. Along with serving iced water or soda, you can also use ice machines to make smoothies, shakes, or margaritas. Serving the perfect beverages goes a long way in building the reputation of a commercial restaurant, and having an in-house ice machine can go a long way in letting you serve the most delectably cold beverages.

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2. Griddles

In commercial kitchens, different food items have to be cooked at the same time. Griddles help you with that. From burgers to sandwiches, griddles are the ideal kitchen equipment to cook a variety of food items. Therefore, when planning a restaurant kitchen layout and creating a checklist of essential kitchen equipment, add griddles to the list to make cooking easier and more convenient in your commercial kitchen set up.

3. Broilers

Broilers are used to give a brown color to the top of a dish, giving it the perfect texture and look. They are one of the most essential kitchen appliances to have in a commercial kitchen, especially in bakeries, sandwich shops, and pizzerias. While kitchen planning and layout analysis, if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a broiler, you can go for wall-mountable broilers.

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Wrap Up

Every restaurant, eatery, or any other commercial kitchen setup requires special equipment. Besides the equipment mentioned in the blog, there are various other essential types of equipment you may have to accommodate in your restaurant kitchen layout. That’s when the team of hotel facility planning consultants at HPG Consulting can help. Let us know your requirements by filling out our contact form  or simply call +91-11-43505228/29.