Hotels handle a large number of guests every day through the night. The aim of any hotelier would be to create a space of convenience, comfort, and timely service for their guests. It must be understood that the guests do not just go to hotels for staying through the night but to also receive an experience worth their money and time. So proper services like kitchen planning, housekeeping, waste management, and streamlining for efficiency only helps to create that experience for them. Their stay at your hotel should be a time for them to completely relax and enjoy themselves without them having to worry about lifestyle chores.


A crucial part of hotel management and services is the laundry facility. Dirty linens in various departments accumulate in the hotel along with guest laundry and getting them clean in a short amount of time is required for the smooth functioning of the place. Keeping the linens and all the other textiles in the hotel premises clean and spotless is really important for not just the look and ambiance of the hotel but also for a hygienic space.
Rarely do hotels achieve their optimum efficiency phase in the laundry department but it is definitely possible. In order to do that, you as a hotelier must decide what your goals are specific. It could be energy and resource consumption, cost efficiency, stain removal, or overall cleanliness. By deciding your target you may focus on the steps you need to focus on to achieve that.


How the internal process works:
1. The laundry room requires a large chunk of time and resources for the hotel and it is important to optimize the whole process according to your hotel and make it as efficient as possible. The complete process of laundering in hotels can be described as follows:
2. Collecting the soiled linens from all over the hotel space like the rooms, pool area, kitchen, lobby, employee uniforms, etc.
3. Transporting the collected linen to the laundry room.
4. Sorting the soiled linen into different categories and types.
5. Pre-treating the stains.
6. Then the sorted batches are washed/dry cleaned and dried.
7. At last, the dried clothes are ironed and folded and then delivered back to their original places.

Bed linen

In order to optimize this process and work at the highest efficiency rate possible for your hotel, it is best to make use of hotel facility consultants like HPG Consulting. This will outsource the process to trained professionals and keep the organization running smoothly in the laundry department.
You can still keep some tips in mind while handling your laundering process like:

1. Make sure your equipment is up to date and maintained regularly. Any malfunctions or shutdowns at a crucial and busy week could really break a hole in the efficiency and service quality of your hotel. You may even upgrade to energy and water-conserving washers for the best management of resources.
2. Use the appliances at their optimal capacity. Overloading the equipment can degrade the quality of the end product as well as damage the equipment, in the long run, causing harm to the finances, resources, efficiency, and service of your hotel.
3. Adapt to modern technology for saving time and manual energy, for example, use electronic machines instead of manually folding the washed and dried linen.
4. The laundry process is one of the most expensive and energy-consuming processes in the hotel and that can add up to a lot. So when the hotel has little traffic, give a break to the department for the day to save energy and resources.
5. It is also important to maintain a detailed inventory of the linens in your hotel for proper maintenance and replacement when necessary. Use digital software to keep everything updated along with dates of purchase, area to be used, and frequency of washing.
6. It is recommended to purchase good quality linens for use in your hotel so it does not degrade over multiple cycles of laundering.
7. Hire hotel facility consultants for hotel facility management like the laundry processing amongst others.


The laundry department is one of the most difficult and expensive parts of hotel facility management in the long run which is why many organizations outsource the process to laundry design and planning experts. But by following these and some more practical tips, you can keep your hotel laundry running smoothly even on the busiest of days!