Did you know that the fifth Roman emperor Nero is believed to have had a rotating dining room in his palace that overlooked the Colosseum and the rest of his empire? This was even before 70 AD! Just imagining that kind of accuracy and craftsmanship in those times is astonishing.
But the actual inspiration behind revolving restaurants was a restaurant built-in 1956 in Germany, a first in the world.
The usual revolving restaurants are designed as circular spaces at the top of a tower structure with a core containing the kitchens and elevators. Technically, the restaurant is on a steel platform that spins at a slow speed on wheels.

You may be able to create a wonderful Skytop experience by following a few of these tips:

Floor to ceiling glass windows:
An obvious but crucial feature of a revolving restaurant is showing the view. It is important to treat your walls and windows like a gallery and give a clear and complete view of the outside world. Great day skies and night views can really alter the experience at a revolving restaurant since it is the unique selling point of these kinds of restaurants.

Open area in the middle:
It is common in a lot of revolving restaurants that the area in the middle core would be used as a lobby area or serving station containing the elevator. But that can sometimes look cramped and not as exquisite and luxurious. So, if you can, it is a great idea to keep a minimal core for the guest elevator and staff area to bring the food from the kitchens. Large open spaces and a view of the complete area from anywhere a guest would sit are definitely going to woo them and make your space look extremely elite.

Le Royal Meridien, Abu Dhabi

Minimal ambient lighting :
The main goal of a revolving restaurant is to showcase a spectacular night view of the surroundings like the city or horizon. Though it would not matter during the day since the space would be pretty lit naturally, at night you must keep the lighting dimmed and warm to create a welcoming and luxurious experience to pair with unhindered night views. Mixing different accent lighting would also create delicate yet complex lighting for your space and allow for a relaxing atmosphere when paired with classical or jazz instrumental music.

A slow revolving speed:
It is important to keep the revolving speed slow so that the guests can not just enjoy the views leisurely but also to keep anyone from feeling dizzy from the motion. A tried and trusted speed is one 360 degrees spin per hour just like The View Restaurant & Lounge in New York City.

Fine dining


A fine dining experience :
An exquisite view calls for a meal and service to match that. Though managing a fine dining restaurant is difficult and requires a lot of effort in all departments, it is the perfect match for a revolving restaurant at the top of a tower. A simple set menu will help the guests focus on the ambiance and not distract them. A clean white tablecloth interior will also direct all the attention to the view which is supposed to be the highlight of their evening. High-quality interior with simple accents and delicious but simple dishes along with supreme quality service by a highly-trained staff. This can be achieved by seeking services from restaurant consultants who have professional expertise in this department.

Al Dawaar, Dubai

An optimum level of height :
Another obvious tip but extremely significant. Choosing the location for your restaurant to be at an appropriate height is the most important step of the process. Setting up too low could give a view underwhelming for the guests but setting up too high could cause only the sky to show which will get boring for the viewers pretty soon. Choose a skyscraper top at a perfect level to show the city as well as the horizon which can be seen while the guests sit at tables inside the restaurant.


An efficient front of the house and kitchen :
Any good requires efficiency in its kitchen to provide good and timely service. All the kitchen areas must be properly planned and appliances upgraded for a streamlined cooking and serving procedure. Restaurant consultants will help here with an ideal commercial kitchen design fit for your restaurant.

Following a few of these ideas and tips might help you create the perfect experience of a revolving restaurant for your guests!