While planning a restaurant, the commercial kitchen design is unfortunately often ignored and employee training to purchasing and advertising are prioritized. A good commercial kitchen layout could influence the flow of your entire establishment. It helps with streamlined production and provides efficient workspaces. Restaurateurs are keen to spend on the ambiance and the seating area but the kitchen layout is often overlooked. The truth is that a well-organized kitchen is one of the most important prerequisites for running a successful restaurant. Hotel facility planning helps to design the restaurants and commercial kitchens in a more efficient manner.

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Hers’s How Kitchen Layout Helps The Restaurants:

Makes The Restaurant Time And Cost Efficient: The kitchen layout should be designed keeping in mind the equipment and space available, which reduces the need for future modifications. The restaurants lack efficiency due to poor spacing between different workstations and the raw material is wasted due to poor temperature control. Also, a good kitchen layout is essential for the restaurants to prepare as many orders as possible. Hotel facility planning makes sure that the kitchen layout provides the chef and the kitchen staff with everything they might need at an arm’s distance, lessening the preparation time for the orders.

Increased Production Output: Enough space should be provided to the staff amidst the process of preparing food. The flow of people and products in the kitchen should be as smooth as possible to prevent any kind of mishaps in the kitchen. One order spilled can mean loads of lost time and even an injury. Hotel facility planning helps any commercial kitchen space to be organized to avoid accidents by minimizing motion within the kitchen. All of this adds to increased output and decreases the table turnover time. The equipment decides the layout of your kitchen. And the equipment is decided by the cuisine.

An Organized Kitchen: Managing an ordered kitchen and maintaining cleanliness becomes easier for the staff. On the other hand a mismanaged kitchen can be a mess in terms of efficiency, productivity and safety. However, with the hotel facility planning when the every kitchen element is in its right place, and each process is carried out smoothly.

Attracts And Retains Chefs: Good chefs demand a fully functioning modern kitchen space instead of a kitchen that’s disorganized. A restaurant kitchen built considering ergonomics is likely to be appreciated by the chef as well as other kitchen staff. In fact the chef should be a part of the hotel facility planning. They know the menu better than any other person, including the owner and they know the kind of space that the back-of-house team needs to be efficient

Increased Staff Safety: By allocating enough space and allocating appropriate areas to equipment, raw materials, and inventory, an efficient kitchen layout can make operations easier and make the kitchen accident-free for the staff. Fire safety is one of the first things that should be taken care of in the commercial kitchen. Installing efficient ventilation system to remove all the unpleasant gases and steam coming out of the equipment in the kitchen while the food is being prepared is also very important. Hotel facility planning also facilitates the easy evacuation of staff during emergencies.

The design of your commercial kitchen matters to the work flow of the entire restaurant. We at HPG have helped hundreds of customers design efficient commercial kitchens, maximizing safety and productivity every step of the way. We believe kitchen design is the first step of setting up a restaurant and also contributes substantially to increasing restaurant health inspections, and it should be done right with hotel facility planning.