Schools and universities are a place where students spend 6-8 hours of their day here. Studies and physical activities can exhaust the minds of students and tire them out. To relax and unwind, educational institutions need to have a great cafeteria. Students eagerly look forward to lunch breaks to spend their time in cafeterias, eat their meals, and hang out with their friends. One important aspect to note here is that lunch breaks are time-bound. That is why it is necessary to apply a strategy in food service consultant where students can grab their lunches in a decent time-frame, get a table to sit and eat their lunches, and talk with their friends. The rotation time of the food coming from the kitchen and the coordination of the kitchen and cafeteria staff can play a major role in shortening queues and wait times. To make this happen an efficient commercial kitchen set-up must be in place for the kitchen staff to prepare the food and rotate it to the cafeteria staff. Waiting is still a problem point as students from different classes come together at one time for their lunch break. During this time, the cafeteria staff can play a role in engaging the students in a conversation of health and nutrition, at the same time collecting feedback on how the food quality can further improve. 

From the perspective of the educational institution, the administration must focus on constructing a good commercial kitchen set-up apt for handling the quantities of student food requirements and varieties. Good commercial kitchen planning and design needs to be in place keeping the demands and pressure points of a school in mind. 

Understanding the demands of the students and administration of the educational institution, HPG Consulting provides effortless solutions. 

Food Service Consultants at HPG Consulting are trained to analyze and access the problem points of their clients and devise solutions based on these problem points. 

In the case of a school or university, the consultants at HPG Consulting, study the needs and demands of a commercial kitchen that needs to operate in this particular scenario. A successful commercial kitchen needs a design layout that balances solid design principles and individual kitchen components effectively, both in terms of operations and costs.  

HPG Consulting has undertaken commercial kitchen projects with well-known schools and universities such as: 

The Royal Academy -Bhutan

Step By Step -Noida & New Delhi (India)

Heritage School – Gurgaon (India)

INDUS – Pune (India)

H.L- Lavasa (India)

HMI – Goa (India)

Aura Institute – Surat (India)

Gems Education – Gurgaon (India)

BML Munjal University – Gurgaon (India)

At HPG Consulting a collaborative approach is used to deliver end to end kitchen plans for schools and universities. Right from the conceptualization of the kitchen layout planning and consulting to setting up a fully functioning commercial kitchen setup, the HPG consultants work tirelessly to provide end to end solutions. 

The HPG consulting team focuses on:

1) Understanding the demands of the clients

2) Providing customized solutions to problems faced by clients 

3) Have a result-oriented approach 

4) Usage of the latest design and technology developments 

5) Cost-effective solutions 

6) Providing tailor-made commercial kitchen design solutions


HPG Consulting is a market leader in providing brilliant solutions to commercial kitchen planning and designs in the industry.

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