With increasing awareness of the ills of overconsumption and a push towards a truly balanced life, wellness and wellbeing are more and more in the driver seat of everything that we do. From our everyday life, workplace to even vacations, wellness is the new mantra. Hospitality Industry is quick to latch on to this trend and more and more wellness resort, retreats and SPA are mushrooming all over the world. 

Although the wellness industry has multiple verticals, where it really comes together is in the wellness tourism industry. Opening economic opportunities to hitherto unexplored destinations, wellness travel is levelling the playing field. So in the burgeoning trend that is at once essential and aspirational, what is the role of the Foodservice Consultant? 

Let us explore the demography of wellness travellers to understand the need for Foodservice Consultant within the Wellness offerings. Classifying wellness-minded travellers into two categories: primary travellers, those who travel for the sole purpose of wellness such as going to yoga retreats, residential Ayurvedic therapies or SPA and secondary travellers, those who engage in wellness activities while they travel for other purposes. 

Who do you think would contribute more to your kitty and should be targeting? Well, not the primary! The secondary traveller is the one who contributes to nearly 86% of the money spent on wellness verticals of travel and tourism! The primary travellers are a long tail bunch requiring you to have highly specialized infrastructure and marketing channels. Whereas thoughtfully designed offering in your existing hospitality venture could motivate people to spend that extra bill at your SPA or Yoga session.

So how do you go about creating that aura of a wellness retreat even within your existing hospitality venture? Meet the Foodservice Consultant who can chalk a plan to transform you into a wellness retreat on the side helping you improve your top and bottom lines.

A simple culinary offering complete with an organic garden serving garden to table food (even if a roof garden), locally sourced, indigenous dishes on the menu with a narrative built around the health benefits, to the consumer and the world provides the right incentive for everyone to opt-in. The proliferation of Yoga teachers and other forms of exercises have made it easier for hotels to offer these to the guests.

Food and Beverage Strategy goes a long way in positioning yourself as a wellness retreat even if it is an option. Guests appreciate the thought and the pain you took to make it happen. A Foodservice Consultant is your ideal partner to ensure a viable Food and Beverage Strategy is devised that suits your needs and target.

With the increased supply of organic food, reduced cost of setting up aquaponics among other rooftop organic gardens, expert teachers willing to work on a freelance basis, the stage is set for wellness offering in any size, scale and kind of hospitality. A Foodservice Consultant can help you make the right choices in positioning you for all kinds of travellers, from the luxury segment to budget travellers.

Your staff’s wellbeing is also essential!

The hospitality industry is notorious for being dichotomous when it comes to treating its own staff. Apart from being a pretty photo-op for Instagram, with your staff indulging in wellness activities, it also adds to your brand value at not much extra cost. Happy staff make for happy customers who make for happy owners smiling your way to the bank, of Karma and Krone! So reach out to us, your trusted Foodservice Consultant and understand how you can get on and ride the bandwagon of wellness.

Quick tips to positioning yourself as a hotel with a wellness angle:

  1. Identify the local, indigenous food of your region and add them to the menu
  2. Create a simple roof garden based on the principles of organic farming
  3. Identify and hire experts such as Yoga teachers on a session basis in your area
  4. Offer these as a nicely packaged service to all guests

There you go, you are already on the path to being a wellness-minded hotel. For hassle-free and error-free planning, strategy and implementation do reach out to us, your trusted Foodservice Consultant