Ask any restaurateur or chef what one of the most important aspects of a commercial kitchen is, and you’ll very likely be told that it’s the kitchen planning

It takes more than arranging a few shelves and counter tops to get an efficient kitchen up and running. In a commercial kitchen (or even at home), the layout dictates the priority of the food being cooked or how long it takes shuffling between stations. The layout decides how many people can work on one station at a given time. Eventually, your kitchen layout will determine the time taken to prepare one dish and serve it to the customer. 

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As is evident, it’s essential to plan a kitchen layout for your space, keeping in mind the various constraints you might face on the way. Let us read about some important concepts to keep in mind before starting your layout. 

  • The Working Triangle:
    The most significant aspect to keep in mind while designing your layout is what is known as the working triangle. It is a workflow concept that caters explicitly to kitchens. The basic idea is that no matter what the rest of your layout might end up becoming, your base layout should be such that you have easy movement between your sink, your cook top and your refrigerator. This eliminates a lot of time spent moving around since these three components are often the most commonly used parts of any kitchen. So no matter what layout you plan, make sure that a working triangle exists.
  • Space allocation:
    Depending on the workspace allocated in terms of square feet, you’ll have to decide how to allocate space efficiently. At any given point, it’s best to have enough width for at least two people to move around in the same area without bumping into each other.
    At the same time, eliminating the need to move around too much is also an essential task, and countertop design, shelf placement and storage options achieve this for you. Making sure there’s enough space for a sizable number of shelves and cabinets without creating redundancies is a task where a commercial kitchen planning consultant is undoubtedly indispensable.
  • Safety Planning:
    It’s easy to forget that kitchens can be hazardous zones, with high temperatures and fires, plus the added risks of using sharp tools make it essential to create proper storage and retrieval mechanism too. Planning escape routes, fire extinguisher locations, and equipment racks for safe storage of kitchen tools is a crucial requirement.
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