While the restaurant’s Executive Chef may get all the attention, the Kitchen Stewards are the backbones of the F&B industry.

In terms of organisational hierarchy, this job is dead last. But that in no way minimises their value to keeping the eatery open.

Stewards in restaurants are in charge of keeping the kitchen tidy. It’s only possible to run a successful restaurant with them because of their behind-the-scenes work.

Duties and Responsibilities of Kitchen Stewards:

Waste Removal

Food scraping from dishes, pots and pans, plates and glasses, emptying trash cans, cleaning up countertops and floors, removing grease and sorting recyclables are all examples of such tasks. At the same time, they operate the trash compactors, glass crushers, and disinfectants that are essential to completing the task at hand.

Kitchen Organization

To make various implements, pieces of cookware and other goods more easily accessible, sorting them through and organising them.

Maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen

Simple activities, including using dishwashers for dirty dishes and cookware. Surfaces and floors should be cleaned and sanitised. Maintenance of tools and utensils by buffing their surfaces. Machines like dishwashing machines are operated as part of this process.

Stewards’ duties include scullery, ware wash, garbage disposal, kitchen cleaning, pest control, and cafeteria cleaning.

Functions of the division:

1. A pot wash can be done by hand or by machine. Both the main kitchen and the satellite kitchen include a pot wash.

2. The silverware is cleaned and polished in the silver room, while the dishes from the main kitchen, coffee shop, and IRD are washed in the satellite dishwashing kitchens.

3. The department is responsible for rubbish collection, kitchen cleaning, and pest management; a pest control schedule is created, and the work is completed late at night, after business hours. Outside each eatery are garbage cans of varying hues for easy sorting. Green for renewable and recyclable, yellow for nonrenewable and recyclable, and red for neither.

4. The stewards must supply all cleaning supplies and equipment for the cafeteria.

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