You need to consider a lot of factors when crafting a commercial kitchen planning ang design. That is why most investors rope in a reputable kitchen consultant to get the best industrial kitchen design, without having to break the bank. Whether you want to construct a new kitchen or renovate an existing one, the requirements remain the same. Here are the notable characteristics of a good commercial kitchen design, that you need to consider in your kitchen planning and layout.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial kitchen design has a direct impact on your energy costs. One sure way to keep energy consumption to a minimum is to located all the cooking ranges in one place so as to optimize the energy costs associated wit6h exhaust hoods.


The best kitchen design is such that the staff movements are kept to a bare minimum. This can only be achieved through the incorporation of ergonomic design. Ergonomic design helps your commercial kitchen reduce or eliminate accidents and accidental food spillages, and also, save time in food preparation.


Proper ventilation is very important in the design of every commercial kitchen. Every hotel or restaurant kitchen planner knows that proper ventilation is essential for safety and the comfort of hotel staff. It also saves your diners from having to be surrounded by food smells.


The best industrial kitchen design makes for easy maintenance by using the right materials and optimizing equipment arrangement and storage.


Another element of good commercial kitchen design is that there should be a connection between the size of the kitchen and that of the restaurant. The basic rule of thumb is that there should be 5 square feet of space for every chair that is in the restaurant.


You can never design the best commercial kitchen without first putting together the best team with which to work. You need to have professional and experienced contractors such as plumbers and electricians as well as experienced chefs in your team. It also helps to have knowledge of the food that the business will serve as it has a bearing on the layout and equipment choices.

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