Industrial Waste Management

Industrial waste is defined as waste generated by manufacturing or industrial processes.

Industrial waste is of the following types: 

1) Cafeteria garbage and trash 

2) Dirt and gravel

3) Masonry and concrete 

4) Scrap metals

5) Oils, solvents, and chemicals 

6) Radioactive waste 

7) Acids and bases 

The industrial waste can be in a solid form, a liquid form, and even in a gaseous form stored in abandoned containers. Industrial waste has a significant impact on the environment and living beings. Thus, measures should be taken by companies and businesses to manage industrial waste safely and effectively. 

Here are a few steps to take in industrial waste management consultant: 

1) Segregation of the industrial waste 

Industrial wastes such as plastic, glass, and paper are recyclable. Companies/businesses need to segregate this waste depending on whether it is biodegradable, hazardous, or solid non-hazardous. Installing separate dumpsters for a different kind of industrial waste in company offices/business offices is an important step in the segregation of industrial waste. 

2) Optimum utilization of landfills for non-hazardous industrial waste

After segregation of the industrial waste, the non-hazardous, biodegradable industrial waste can be disposed of safely in landfills. As the biodegradable waste is buried in landfills, bio-gases are released which can be tapped and used to generate electricity. Burying biodegradable industrial waste in landfills has been widely adopted as a safe and cost-effective method for industrial waste management. An important point to note here is that landfills can manage a small amount of industrial waste as they are limited in number. 

3) Build a compost pit 

Building a compost pit (also known as composting) is a very efficient way to dispose of industrial waste that is compostable. Newspapers, food waste, dried leaves, sawdust, cardboard, etc., are some of the compostable industrial waste that falls under this category. This form of industrial waste can be added directly into the soil or be further processed into natural fertilizers to help improve the nutrients in the soil. 

4) Hire industrial waste management firms with strong expertise

There are firms whose jobs include industrial waste management. These firms monitor and manage industrial waste. They follow specific strategies to successfully manage industrial waste in the most streamlined and efficient manner. 

Industrial waste needs to be managed because uncontrolled disposal of industrial waste can lead to a rise in environmental pollutions (such as a rise in air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution disrupting the entire biodiversity). Industrial waste management consultant can help resolve environmental issues. To avoid getting into legal liabilities, industrial waste management should be taken seriously by companies and businesses. If industrial waste management is not sensibly put into practice by companies and businesses, legal institutions must keep them in check and hold them responsible. 

Cleaner Production is the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy applied to processes, products, and services to increase overall efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment. The term was coined by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) when it launched the Cleaner Production Program in 1989. 

1) For production processes – the strategy includes conserving raw materials and energy, eliminating toxic raw materials, and reducing the quantity and toxicity of all emissions and wastes.

2) For products – the strategy focuses on reducing negative impacts along the life cycle of a product, from raw materials extraction to its ultimate disposal.

3) For services – the strategy involves incorporating environmental concerns into designing and delivering services.

4) Cleaner production requires changing attitudes, responsible environmental management, and evaluating technology options.

Understanding the challenge industrial waste management can be, HPG Consulting consults many businesses on how to safely dispose of and manage their industrial waste. HPG Consulting is committed to providing thorough industrial waste management solutions to all of its client businesses in India and abroad. The industrial waste management consultants at HPG Consulting bring their years of experience and expertise in the subject by providing solutions that are up to date as per the latest developments in the industry. From planning to implementation, HPG Consulting helps businesses and companies with all aspects related to safe industrial waste management. The goal of waste management consultants at HPG Consulting is to reduce, recycle, and dispose of waste effectively and safely. 

The consultants at HPG Consulting manage their client’s industrial waste by taking a coherent approach to waste management and recycling. An in-depth, detailed analysis of the waste generation is done where waste composition from various components is studied and a waste flow strategy is developed accordingly. 

The industrial waste management consultants at HPG Consulting are well equipped with a deep knowledge of industrial waste collection practices, transportation systems materials recovery facilities, composting facilities, waste-to-energy plants, and landfills. The waste management plan carried out at HPG Consulting is perfectly aligned with the present and future requirements of the clients and are compliant with all government rules and regulations. 

HPG Consulting also holds a strong footing in beneficial reuse and redevelopment of industrial waste management plants and landfills. 

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5) They have comprehensive expertise thanks to years of experience in the industry. 

6) They have an end-to-end approach right from planning to implementation. 

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