With social media all around us, it is necessary for restaurants to include social media in their marketing plan. Snapchat is one of those platforms that has not been fully utilized by marketers despite its wide reach. But Snapchat is a little tricky when it comes to organic advertising, but nonetheless, it must be on your social media list of marketing and you can get help from restaurant consultants to set it up for you.

Let’s See Why You Should Include Snapchat In Your Restaurant Marketing Plan:

First, let us have a look at some numbers:


There are 158 Million daily active Snapchat users, which is even more than Twitter.

Over 2.5 Billion snaps are sent per day at a rate of 9000 snaps per second.

Users view 10 billion videos every day on Snapchat.

Most restaurant customers below the age of 35 are on Snapchat now which has increased to 224%.

Once you have your Snapchat account up and running, the raw nature of Snapchat with features like shaky videos, informal content, sneaks peeks for customer engagement.

How To Use Snap Features In Restaurant Marketing:

Snapchat has many features that can be used for restaurant marketing. Let’s see how to use these features and promote your restaurant.

Stories: Stories are a hit on any social media platform now but did you know it was an exclusive Snapchat feature. From uploading sneak peeks to sharing boomerangs of events and people having fun at your restaurant, Snapchat lets your customers know about the vibe of your restaurant, the types of events you host which attracts a lot of viewers that eventually increases the chances of walk-in customers.

Disappearing Messages: The self-destructive messages are the USPs of Snapchat. You would think why would you spend time on a message that will not be saved. Now as a restauranteur you may ask yourself, why spend time on a message that will go. The point is if the message includes relevant content people will save it.

What Type of Marketing Content Should You Promote On Snapchat:


Snapchat is one platform where you can engage with your potential customers on a more informal front. As it’s a lovely raw app, venturing into the type of content that will work on Snapchat needs a little trivia.

Promo Codes Or Coupons: Promo codes or coupons work well on Snapchat as they get filtered out for those who think its a spam and those who like it would save it. The lenses, filters, and stickers allow the creation of engaging content in its messages.

Competitions And Innovative Entries: Innovative and fun content is the best way to market your restaurant on Snapchat. Let your followers participate in games related to the restaurant and add fun stories your engagement will definitely rise!

Real-Time Stories: Unedited, unadulterated videos or pictures of what is happening around which also works better than any edited image.

Insider Views And Announcements: Snapchat has been founded on the mystery that a message appears on your screen and it disappears as soon as the timer goes off. Mysterious sneak peeks and incomplete videos are the attention catchers on Snapchat.

Paid Restaurant Marketing On Snapchat:

You can also choose to invest in your Snapchat marketing with the help of your restaurant consultant and avail more sophisticated and wide reach options that Snapchat offers.

Snapchat Lens: You can pay Snapchat to create a custom lens for running throughout the world for a day with your brand logo and the signature dish on it.

Snap Ads: Snap ads are skippable ads that play between snap stories and are only 10 seconds long.

Discover: Discover section garners the most number of views and is a guaranteed way to market yourself!

Geo-Filters: When a Snapchat user is near a location that has activated a geo-targeted filter, only then Geo-filters will promote your restaurant.

The key to social media restaurant marketing is identifying where the world is going and being the first one to reach it in order to attain maximum results and reap the highest benefits. We at HPG, as restaurant consultants, can assist you with the marketing and planning of your restaurant. Snapchat is the new trend, so get on it and look at yourself soar!