For as long as one can remember it has always been believed that if there is one industry that never faces recession, it is the Restaurant Industry. It is believed that come what may people will eat and drink! However, the first half of the year 2020 showed us that no industry is inevitable. The only silver lining to the corona virus pandemic for the Indian food and beverage industry will be that like the demonetization in 2017, it will force the adoption of digital innovation. Given that the restaurant industry is an enshrined experience-led market, dining-out, and restaurant-tech platforms are working hard to modify and improve restaurant-diner interactions to create an environment of convenience, trust, and support. Even though technology has been used in the restaurant industry for a long time, it has become indispensable with changing times. The quicker the restaurants adapt to technological advancements with changing times, the more customers they will acquire and retain. From systematic online delivery to dining in a fully automated restaurant, technology innovations have set high customer expectations for contact-less experiences.

  1. Ghost Kitchens 

Also known as Dark kitchens or Virtual kitchens, Ghost Kitchens are by far the most clever option when it comes to dealing with the year 2020. Ghost kitchens don’t have a storefront or seating for dine-in customers or takeout orders, they simply exist to fulfill online orders for delivery through a third-party service, and sometimes a single ghost kitchen can contain multiple ‘restaurants’ in one. Additionally, a brick-and-mortar operation could run a second concept as a ghost restaurant out of their existing kitchen space. With almost every diner bending more towards takeout or delivery, this concept is creating more competition than expected.

  1. Self-Service Kiosks

This restaurant technology trend has effortlessly made fast food faster ordering a bit more precise and hopefully leaving the customers a little more satisfied. Large fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC have already adapted self-service kiosks to reduce customer interaction and increase the speed of customer rotation. These kiosks allow customers to customize their orders and pay instantly with their preferred mode of payment. This technology does not only reduces human error in taking orders but also increases sales even during peak hours. A few cinemas have also adapted complete self-service kiosks that require no human interaction whatsoever.

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  1. Animation Technology

As each day humans demand for something new to amuse them, sometimes ambience and good food just does not do enough. Some world-renowned chefs have adapted animation technology to create a sci-fi experience for their customers. Experiences such as ‘LePetit Chef’ that offer unique 3D mapping and bring together the best of theatre and dining in an immersive culinary journeys have taken over both the social media conscious generation as well the food lovers alike with their fun and whimsical presentation of their thumb-sized chef. Another such example is of ‘Gaggan’, a restaurant run by chef Gaggan Anand that serves a 25-course tasting menu with no words, only emojis for describing the courses. Restaurants across the globe are willing to offer grand theatrical dining performances and experiences through various digital and technological platforms just to get a different edge from what everyone else has to offer.

  1. Tabletop ordering systems and Apps

Digital menus with attractive pictures of food plates and restaurant owned apps that do not require any human interaction for placing orders has almost become a norm rather than an amusement. This allows customers to scroll through the entire menu and place orders on the app which is directly transferred to the kitchen. This not only reduces human errors but also decreases table turnaround time.

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  1. Biometrics Technology 

We are already using our biometrics for unlocking our phones and self-identification across various platforms, thus, the use of biometrics for payments at restaurants does not look very far behind. As the current situation of the world demands contactless everything and going cashless is the new convenience, biometric payment solutions are the next big thing that the the world is waiting for. However hypothetical this may seem now, it is soon going to be a daily norm.

As more and more parts of running a restaurant are being automated, technology companies are working hand in hand with the food and beverage industry to try and make each imagination come to life. Before we know it, we will have fully automated restaurants with robotic chefs and kitchens and servers.

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