Setting up a laundry operation is a tedious process for any establishment in the hospitality or other sectors, as it involves a lot of analysis, planning, and design. As a business manager, it is essential for you to understand your requirements and plan accordingly. At this point, you need a laundry consulting services partner such as HPG Consulting which can assist you in identifying and understanding your organizational requirements. This article gives you an overview of how a laundry design and planning consultant helps you in streamlining the process and offer value-based solutions.

How Laundry Planning and Consulting Services Help

1. Evaluation

The evaluation phase involves laundry planning and analysis, which includes the requirement study and creating a laundry plan based on the technical, physical, and demographic parameters of the area. The laundry planning experts at HPG Consulting prepare and suggest improvements in the initial layouts, schematics, or prepare a whole new layout in case of a new laundry business.

After the initial consultation, the laundry planning consultants outline a laundry room design for optimized use of the room space. The team focuses on primary factors such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Site sustainability
  • Material and resources
  • Efficiency in water use
  • Calculation of cash flows needed to support overall operations
  • Operation plans
  • ROI Analysis

2. Procurement and Engineering

The laundry consulting services assist in assessing the engineering capabilities of your business by providing calculations on the capacity and quantity of equipment needed. These calculations are generally based on factors like water recycling, space restrictions, safety, and existing technology.

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The consultants have collaboration with well-equipped vendors of the laundry business and connect with them to procure machinery such as washer extractors, ironers, and drying tumblers from them. At HPG Consulting, the major objective of laundry planning consultants is to offer the best available technology solutions to reduce your utility costs, optimize labor process time, and increase productivity.

3. Training and Commissioning

The laundry consulting services do not end here as the laundry planning agents are also responsible for providing machine training to your employees, which includes three aspects- management, operations, and maintenance. Their skills and performances are reviewed periodically in order to maximize productivity.


Planning a commercial laundry is an intricate activity that can get quite cumbersome if you go ahead without the help of a laundry planning expert such as HPG Consulting. Laundry design and planning companies prepare a comprehensive laundry plan, manage your workforce, help ensure optimum equipment utilization, design laundry rooms, review your inventory processes, and maximize your revenue while adhering to national and international quality standards. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our laundry consulting services, fill out our contact form or simply call 011-4350-5228/29.