While commercial laundry designs and planning covers various factors, such as dimensions, access points into the laundry, flooring foundations, electrics, and drainage; the first thing you need to decide is the location of the laundry. Choosing a wrong place such as a basement for your laundry can make all the difference between mismanaged and seamless operations. That is when you need a laundry consulting services company such as HPG Consulting, that can identify and understand your requirements. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we give you three reasons why a basement is not an ideal location for a commercial laundry setup. Read on.

1. Lack of Ventilation

A basement lacks proper ventilation that is an essential requirement to make up for the traditionally vented tumble dryers used in commercial laundry setups. The dryers can cause the temperatures inside the laundry to rise, which can only be compensated by additional ventilation that is difficult to achieve in a basement. While you can use heat pump tumble dryers to overcome the lack of ventilation, basements are still not practical for loading and unloading large amounts of cloth.

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2. Restricted Storage Space

The basement in commercial facilities is typically used as an extra storage space. If you are planning to have your laundry unit in the basement, you will lose out on already available storage space and may have to spend extra on planning a space for storing stocks for facility operations and other items that might need to be stored for extended periods.

3. Problems with Drainage

A proper drainage system is necessary to keep your laundry operations running smoothly. If you plan to open a laundry in a basement, it would be difficult to install a main drain to the sewer system with a natural fall from the basement. While you can fit a pumped system to drain the water away from the basement, it would be difficult to achieve without compromising with the structural integrity if the basement.

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