Having an in-house laundry service is a necessity in hotels, motels, B&B lodgings, and other similar facilities. Although such establishments can subcontract laundry services, hiring a third-party contractor always entail cost and quality control concerns. When it comes to setting up in-house laundry, hotel owners can turn to laundry consulting services such as HPG Consulting to get expert advice on laundry room designs and planning, equipment, and labor requirements. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we discuss the core elements of a well-planned hotel laundry system. Read on.

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Size and Location

As an established laundry consulting company, HPG Consulting has been providing the necessary expertise to its clients on developing hotel laundry plans from scratch. We start from calculating the space requirement for commercial laundries. An on-premises laundry doesn’t require a large space, an existing storage room or an unused room can be used to set up the equipment. The only condition is that the space shouldn’t be too small and restrictive to hinder operation and movement. Our expert consultants help prepare laundry layouts and designs of different facilities keeping their efficiency, productivity, and convenience in mind.

Selection of Equipment

The calculated daily load of soiled clothes that need washing determines the choice of laundry equipment such as washer-extractors, drying tumblers, ironers, and folding tables. Depending on the budget of a facility, HPG recommends top-quality washer-extractors that not only handle bulky items such as rugs and draperies, but also make optimal use of water and soap for improved wash quality. This is planned to achieve the level of professional laundering expected by guests. Depending upon the equipment selected, you need to calculate the electricity or gas needed for operations.

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Labor Requirement

The laundry departments in big hotels account for the biggest labor pool among the entire hotel manpower. That’s why labor considerations form a vital part of our laundry consulting services. If a 5-star hotel has more than sufficient staff, it can utilize them for its laundry services instead of hiring a third-party contractor. Generally, laundry equipment are easy to operate. Operators simply need to load the machine with clothes, push a button or two, and set the machine rolling. The machines don’t require continuous attention during each of the laundering stages, and this allows the housekeeping staff to use the free time in the middle elsewhere.

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Hotel laundry such as bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, kitchen linens, and banquet naperies need scheduled washing and drying, and many hotels carry out this responsibility on their premises in some form or the other. However, you need professional guidance in drawing up and executing a systematic plan for a modern, efficient, and cost-effective laundry designs and planning service in your hotel that adds to your business value and brand image. To discuss your requirement or learn more about laundry management, simply call +91-9311-202-627 or fill out our contact form.