The mention of a commercial kitchen usually brings to the mind an image of grills, ranges, fryers, but that’s not all there is to a commercial kitchen design and planning. Besides equipment, a commercial kitchen must include specific elements to ensure optimal efficiency. That’s where HPG Consulting, a reputable facility management company, comes into the picture. Our team of kitchen design planners can help you design a commercial kitchen that meets all of your requirements, laying a solid foundation for maximum operational efficiency. To help get you started, in this blog post, we discuss some of the most popular commercial kitchen designs. Take a look.

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Island-Style Layout

The island-style layout involves the placement of principle cooking equipment including the fryers, ovens, ranges, and grills together as a single module at the center of the kitchen. Other sections of the kitchen will be placed on the perimeter of the kitchen, preserving the circular flow of operations and allow for easy cleaning. The center module will enable easy communication and supervision. While an island-style layout is ideal for a large square-shaped, the layout can be customized to fit other dimensions.

Zone-Style Layout

The zone-style layout has the kitchen divided into blocks for different operations. The major equipment will be placed at the perimeter of the kitchen, and so will the other sections such as a storage block, a dishwashing block, and a food prep block. The zone-style layout allows for room at the center of the kitchen, making communication and supervision easy.

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Assembly Line Layout

The assembly line layout involves the placement of kitchen equipment in a line, with the food preparation section and the service area at different ends. The layout is ideal for places that need to serve large quantities of a limited type of food in a short duration. The assembly line layout enables kitchen personnel to quickly send food down the line and can also include linking equipment for maximum utilization of space.

Wrap Up

Every hotel, restaurant, and eatery requires an optimally functional commercial kitchen. The design layout of the kitchen set the basis for the way the kitchen will be utilized for business use. Besides the layouts given in the blog, there are various other design ideas from which you can take your pick. The team of hotel facility planning consultants at HPG Consulting can help you work a customized kitchen design layout complementing your prerequisites. To learn more about how we can help, let us know your requirements by filling out our contact form  or simply call +91-11-43505228/29.