The kitchen is a key component of restaurants and hotels. You have customers moving in and out at all times. The Kitchen area in a restaurant or hotel is persistently functioning. Everything must be easily accessible, which is why you must work on your Commercial Kitchen design layout. A kitchen should be aesthetically neat as well as spacious with proper sections for all the equipment and accessories. To create a room for a perfect blend of kitchen design principles and individual requirements, you need to collaborate with kitchen layout planners for professional guidance. HPG Consulting provides comprehensive services including kitchen design layout to commercial entities of all sizes and shapes. Some of the notable elements that contribute to creating a conducive environment for kitchen staff in a commercial set up include:


Finances are a vital consideration when planning a commercial kitchen. Whether it is the elements that go into the kitchen, the floor space, or aesthetics, you can only go as far as your budget allows. While your budget will play a central role in deciding the nature and quality of your kitchen design, there is a lot you can do to maximize the results. A poor choice of equipment, materials, kitchen design layout, and other aspects can exacerbate an already critical situation. That is why there is a need for a professional touch to make sure that you get the best from your set budget. Even a generous budget can produce dismal results when poor decisions are made along the way.

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The kitchen designing and layout planner should give priority to enabling smooth staff movement. Kitchen design should be such that staff foot movements is kept at a minimum. Having said that, it is equally important to have enough space for staff to move freely without hindrance or incidents. Such an environment within a kitchen can be created by incorporating an ergonomics into your kitchen design. Ergonomic kitchen design increases staff efficiency by eliminating the possibilities of accidents and accidental food spillages.


The design of a kitchen should be such that it has enough space to store foodstuffs as well as kitchen tools and appliances. This means the ideal kitchen design ought to feature elements such as drawers, cabinets, racks shelves for storage purposes. Base cabinets can be added under the countertops and shelves and cabinets can be added over the countertop.

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Proper ventilation in the kitchen is essential for the safety and comfort of the restaurant staff. Ventilation also helps in keeping any food smells from the kitchen area away from diners. This means proper kitchen planning and layout must incorporate ample ventilation. The design can feature window fans, vents, air filters, and other solutions that ensure proper ventilation.

Final Word

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