When planning to start a hotel or restaurant, finalising a kitchen design layout is one of the first steps. The type of business and number of customers you plan to serve determines the ideal kitchen design layout for your business. Decisions such as where to store food raw materials, how much space to allocate for cooking and for seating arrangements, all depend on the kitchen design layout. If you need assistance on choosing a commercial kitchen planning and design, you have come to the right place. HPG Consulting offers facility planning and management services to a diverse range of businesses from the food services industry. To help you with kitchen planning, in this blog, we cover some of the most productive restaurant kitchen layouts that ensure seamless food production and management. Take a look.

1. Assembly Line Design

Assembly line kitchen design layout is ideal for restaurants that need to serve a large number of people at a time.  The layout work better for food businesses that serve a large quantity of same food to their customers such as pizza shop. In this layout, kitchen equipment is organized in a manner with the food preparation area at one end and the service area at another that allow cooks to quickly send food down the line. In Assembly line restaurant kitchen layout, cleaning and storage areas are kept behind to keep them out of the way which ensure efficiency of work and excellent communication.

2. Zone Style

With zone-style restaurant kitchen layout, you can have the kitchen set up in blocks with the equipment located along the walls.  Such design layout have separate sections for every type of tasks such as a food raw material storage block, food preparation block, and dishwashing block. The sections / blocks follow the proper order to ensure work efficiency and excellent communication. The major benefit of this layout is, it ensures easy supervision as the center space is completely open.

3. Island Style

According to the island-style commercial kitchen design, the ovens, fryers, grills, ranges, and other related cooking equipment are placed together in one section at the center of a kitchen. Other sections of the kitchen are placed on the walls in a systematic order, ensure a circular flow. Island style kitchen design layout promotes communication and supervision, and also leaves plenty of open space to ensure easy cleaning. This layout works best for square shape kitchens, but can also be modified according to other sizes and shapes.

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The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an effective commercial kitchen design layout that best suits your requirements, look no further than HPG Consulting. We provide comprehensive and customized kitchen design layout services, covering all aspects of kitchen planning. Keeping your requirements in mind, we offer superlative services and ensure complete customer satisfaction. For more information on kitchen design layout, call +91 9311 202 627 or +91 11 43505228/29. You can also fill out our contact form to get in touch with our commercial kitchen design experts.