Hotel facility planning takes into account both short-term and long-term business goals. Whether it is a feasibility study, space usage, food court design layout, or kitchen planning, every element of the roadmap prepared by the consultants at HPG Consulting sets hotels up for growth and success. Continue on the subject, in this blog post, we discuss the elements of professional hotel facility planning and their significance. Read on.

Feasibility Assessment

One of the key elements in hotel facility planning, feasibility assessment consists of market studies to identify trends, competition, and growth opportunities. It examines how a hotel business is likely to fare over a particular period of time. Depending upon the outcomes of the studies, a hotel facility plan usually includes the room for future growth and expansion as reflected in facility planning layouts and designs.

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Space Usage Plan

Space usage planning is another essential part of hotel facility planning. It factors in the available hotel space in relation to the space needed for equipment, supplies, and staff. The aim is to utilize the space in the most efficient way to create a conducive environment that facilitates optimum productivity and customer satisfaction. In addition to assigning different purposes to different spaces, a strategic space usage plan also includes flexibility for future expansion.

Facility Management

Management of a hotel facility is another important aspect of facility planning that facility planning firms, such as HPG Consulting, handle on a regular basis. The main objective is to ensure seamless coordination among various hotel processes, and business continuity and sustainability. It takes into account hotel space, infrastructure, personnel, and equipment and helps ensure they comply with the requirements of the business.

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