While dealing with hotel facility planning, it needs to be remembered that the facilities are for potential guests, to keep them satisfied and content. In order to make the stay memorable for guests, certain facilities can be improved and focused on. An impeccable guest experience must be the top priority for any hotel and here are a few ways that can be done including hospitality technology, free-of-cost amenities, offers, prime staff service and more. Being a hotel owner, one of your primary job duties is to ensure the quality of service your guests will receive. Hoteliers must ensure that the comfort of their guests and their comfort is the first priority. When guests receive a superior level of service, they come back and recommend your hotel to their friends and acquaintances.


Well-communicated staff

One of the most important aspects that can enhance the overall experience is how well the hotel staff communicates with guests. A great hotel service can make or break a hotel stay. To create a positive experience, it is essential for the hotel service staff to be on the ball and in tune with the guests’ needs and requirements. With a better understanding of guests, they would not only provide the expected services but also predict the potential needs of the guests before offering services to them. Training your staff to communicate well amongst themselves as well as the guests would make a bigger difference than imagined. Good communication between the staff also helps in timely services and fulfillment of guest needs along with accuracy. Today, the consumer base is much more demanding than it used to be. Guests want a high-quality and top-quality experience. A good hotel needs to have a good mix of hard-working, seasoned staff members as well as customer-centric staff. A hard-working team of staff will do everything in their capacity to get you what you need or want. On the other hand, a customer-centric staff will always focus on fulfilling your every need and want.

Facility planning to impress hotel guests

One of the top priority needs for hotel properties is to spend their precious resources and attract guests to their premises. While spending on the most luxurious and best quality properties can definitely attract guests, it also needs to be brought down to fit the budget.

Visiting your hotel is the most important part for any traveller, so give them a great experience and expect the best. Another thing to make guests happy is to give free of cost amenities. Not only this, make sure that a lot of the free amenities are conveniently located for easy access.

In-Hotel Technology

Technology is a key aspect of all hospitality industries. Having the latest tech in any hospitality facility helps improve customer service, thereby increasing guest satisfaction. With the help of mobile phones and apps, various measures can be taken for improving your hotel’s services. The most important technology of the hotel is the mobile app, which has all the vital information regarding the room, restaurant and more. The hotel can even update the information on the properties, special events, promotions and other news through the app as well. Customers can easily book their hotel rooms online or through your mobile app. Technology will make your customers feel that they can access any service without any hassle. They will never have to stand in front of the hotel lobby. Plus, you will be able to make changes in your hotel schedule or cancel a booking easily. Your customers will be able to check-in and check-out services online.


Amenities for the hotel guest

Every hotel industry has its own set of amenities for the guest and they are usually offered for free or at a nominal cost. Most times, amenities such as free Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool, and full kitchen facilities are the free ones. However, there are some paid amenities like a laundry, restaurant, spas, hair salon and so on. The hotel may keep the free and paid amenities separate but use both depending on the customer demand. Therefore, a strategy is necessary to ensure that all amenities are available for the clientele. The freebies can also be supplemented with other freebies such as a coffee machine and tea caddy on-site, mobile charging points, etc. Free newspapers, wifi, complimentary breakfast and fresh fruit can keep guests active, alert and refreshed during their trip.


In hospitality, you need to understand that what you do and how well you do it is a sure-shot way to increase your bottom line. Hotel guests today are demanding as far as customer service is concerned and you need to pay attention and ensure that you deliver a superior experience to them that will help make them want to come back. If you want to ensure you are getting more bookings for your hotel you need to ensure that your staff is well-trained and committed to creating great customer experiences and that your hotel facility planning has been well executed.