Travel to almost every location around the planet and you’ll find someone who represents the hospitality industry, as it’s known in most of those places. An individual or a company establishes a facility for people who have arrived to enjoy the scenery and culture, to conduct business or just to “get away” for a short period of time. Many of these hotels and restaurants are not only perfectly located but are also perfect in their delivery process. They fit well into their location because they worked with professionals in food service planning and design. Those specialists, who often operate under the food service consultants banner, have guided the business owner through important decisions such as location, the customer-service process, staff management and other key factors in hospitality success.

Details, Details

When you are planning a new restaurant or hotel, details are more than important. Getting the small things right is essential. Entire books have been written on this subject, but for now you might want to look at two of the details that can ensure success in your chosen industry – equipment suppliers and linen/laundry services.

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Food service management is built on a foundation of dependable equipment providers and vendors who offer every small item needed in a commercial kitchen and successful dining operation.

In your conversations with your food service consultants, for example, you’ll probably talk about the massive inventory of restaurant supplies, catering equipment, crockery (bowls, plates, etc.) now available. You’ll also discuss such important items as chef’s clothing, as well as tablecloths, napkins, and so on.

Laundry Service

Talking with the specialists about napkins, tablecloths, and chef’s clothing should bring you to a second essential item in this field of work – laundry services. If you, as an owner or manager, decided to take care of this process in-house, it’s important to plan your commercial-laundry services down to the last detail.

Consider this as well: Providers of professional laundry services take great pride in delivering faultless service, with an emphasis on reliability. They serve hospitality businesses of every size, providing crisp, clean linens of every type for the client. Your consultant will work closely with you to determine which course of action is best for your setting.


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