Designing a restaurant kitchen layout mainly depends on certain principles and creative design ideas. When planning a commercial kitchen, the main aim is to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency as a poor design can have a negative impact on day-to-day operations. While you can always count on a trusted name in commercial kitchen design and planning, such as HPG Consulting to provide the best design and layout planning services, you too should know the fundamental objectives of effective commercial kitchen design. On that note, we present some of the essential attributes of a restaurant kitchen you should know about. Read on.

Flexibility and Scalability

The restaurant kitchen layout plan should be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate future changes in the restaurant structure and size. For example, the layout should allow space for adding additional equipment and accessories for new dishes when needed. It should also provide room for quick changes to gain an advantage of peak seasons so that the staff can handle multiple orders simultaneously and quickly allowing rapid movement of employees without creating a mess. Using modular kitchens and movable equipment can provide significant flexibility and scalability.

Simple yet Organized

The commercial kitchen design should always be simple to avoid confusions and mess during specific days and weekends when the flow of food lowers is more. It’s very crucial to plan commercial kitchen layout properly so that the things are organized with efficiency and clarity. It’s very important to use the right types of equipment and accessories to save space and avoid clutter.

Food Preparation Area

One of the most important places in the commercial kitchen is a food preparation area. Sink for washing all the vegetables and products, table for cutting and mixing for the dishes, an area for cooking, frying, baking, and other processes are the parts of a food preparation area. They can be classified into two main types, one is for processing raw food and the other is for sorting food into batches. Consulting experts at HPG Consulting always keep these areas in mind and keep them near the storage area so that cooks can pick up raw material, prepare them and move them to the cooking area as quickly as possible.

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A Place for Head Chef

The head chef keeps proper supervision for smooth operations in the kitchen. Moreover, he/she has to control the restaurant’s kitchen and staff effectively for the benefit of the entire restaurant. So, applying an open kitchen layout would make supervision and communication with staff easy.

Cleaning & Washing Area

The washing and cleaning section of commercial kitchens matter a lot which includes drying racks, washing machines, sinks, etc. It’s very important to maintain proper sanitation and this process should be very easy and convenient. Putting three-compartment sinks can quickly clean plates and other serving vessels. Stainless steel tables and easy to clean material will allow speedy work with cleanliness. Therefore, the washing and cleaning area can be located near the kitchen so that the dishes can be cleaned and made available quickly.

Wrap Up

We at HPG consulting always come up with new ideas and our kitchen design planner has created outstanding kitchen designs and layouts for many famous restaurants. Whether you are just getting started in the hospitality industry or already have a business that is in need of some upgradation, HPG Consulting has got you covered. Simply call +91-9311-202-627, or fill out our contact form and one of our commercial kitchen planning consultants will get back to you shortly.