Unique Food Concepts And Commercial Kitchen Planners

The world of food is always an intricate one. There are so many permutations and combinations possible in the world of food that it often becomes a task to decide what to carry out in your venture. Commercial kitchen design and planning are essential in deciding what you want your commercial kitchen to showcase. 

There are numerous concepts for food and cuisine across the world. Some are easy to adopt, while some require expertise in commercial kitchen planning. Here’s a short guide to some new food concepts that you may consider, each with a different level of adaptation.  

Gourmet Fast Food:

Fast Food has never been associated with luxury or gourmet dining. However recent times have shown that gourmet fast food chains are becoming increasingly popular. Customers have realized that fast food can be enjoyed with a gourmet touch to it.
This is something most fast food restaurant chains have adopted as a side venture to their main fast food franchises. Now, customers have a choice of luxury artisanal burgers and quickly made sandwiches when choosing takeout! 

Most restaurants that look to open a new dining venture can consider starting a gourmet fast food venture. Of course, the caveat is that the food still has to be “fast”, which means employing the use of fast food production techniques and also gourmet dining practices. 

Artificial Intelligence:

The future has never been closer than it is now, and the same philosophy extends to food. Many restaurants are employing the usage of robots and artificial intelligence in their enterprises. Robot waiters are a unique offering in this space. The robots are assigned a serving space in which they are trained to serve customers, take orders, and even clean the tables in some cases. Some commercial planners are even suggesting employing AI to create new recipes in the kitchen!  

The customer experience has been completely revamped in some places. Self service kiosks in restaurants of all categories are fast becoming the norm especially in 2020, thanks to the coronavirus. These kiosks can save user data and make suggestions based on any previous orders and preferences (like allergies). 

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