So you want to start a commercial kitchen, but are unsure of what to procure for it. This is the kind of situation a commercial kitchen planner can assist you with!

When buying out equipment for your kitchen, it’s important to understand the constraints you’ll be working with: Your budget, the space in the area, the type of cuisine that’s being served and the skill level of your staff (who are going to be using it constantly). 

With that in mind, there are some indispensable items that any commercial kitchen business should invest in, regardless of domain. In this first part, we’ll cover some of the more underrated components of commercial kitchen equipment.

  1. Commercial garbage disposal equipment:
    One of the most underrated aspects of any kitchen is a proper garbage disposal unit. These disposal units attach to your sink and are motorized. When you need to clear out a clogged sink in the kitchen, simply turn the unit on and let it do its work: Pulverizing the waste to shreds and clearing it away.

Commercial garbage dispensers can make a world of difference when clearing out your sinks, getting rid of unwanted clogging and therefore reducing cleaning time, and also saves on water and other resources. The only caveat is that they are an expensive investment initially, but the gains in the long term are definitely worth it. Hpg commercial kitchen design and planning  can help you identify the best size and model of disposal unit to procure. 

  1. Good range of ovens:
    While you or may not be running a baking business, an oven is still an indispensable part of most commercial kitchens. Good ovens with multiple heat settings can help cook food in a variety of methods. A commercial OTG (Oven, Toaster, Grill) can help you achieve 3 things at once! 

These ovens come in a variety of sizes based on your space and budget constraints. Once you consult with a commercial kitchen planner, you can figure out an ideal location for fixing up the oven in your kitchen. 

  1. Quality water sprays:
    Hot water sprays make a whole world of difference to any kitchen, and can help you serve up food in hot, clean plates. They also have a much quicker turnaround time when compared to washing the dishes manually, since these jets have various temperature and speed settings, and most of all, are easy to install and use. They’re also economical, although there is one side impact: Prolonged usage of these sprays can use up water and electricity to heat the water, which can impact resources. Consult with a handy commercial kitchen planner to find out whether you can install a hot water dispenser in your kitchen. 

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