Hpg Commercial Kitchen design and planning  will tell you: If you intend on being in the restaurant business, a wine cellar is a great addition. See why here. 


Wine, the one alcoholic beverage almost any restaurant will indubitably stock in their kitchens, either to serve directly or as an ingredient in cooking. If you’re starting a restaurant or pub on a large scale, you need a system of storing those vintage bottles for optimal usage of space and budget. 

A wine cellar is traditionally used for preserving wines. The concept is as ancient as alcohol itself, dating back 4000 years. In some parts of the world, wine cellars were seen in most households even, since alcohol brewing and winemaking were community and family activities.
Today, traditional wine cellars are an attractive investment for multiple reasons. Let us explore a few salient reasons.

The most obvious reason, wine cellars are an important asset. The wine itself can change its characteristics based on the smallest of changes. Atmospheric changes are usually the biggest culprit; if it gets too hot or humid, the wine’s ageing will speed up rapidly. If there is a sudden drop in temperature, ageing slows down, and the wine goes dull.
Sunlight is also a deciding factor: Too bright, and the wine gets oxidized. Quite the demanding drink indeed. Making use of a good wine cellar, therefore, will allow you to have control over your collection, and make sure nothing goes awry. 

A unique offering that may be a niche worth exploring, wine cellars are always attractive, aesthetically and as a good value addition to your business. Guests, especially wine lovers, would still appreciate that a separate wine cellar exists, and given the option, would go down to explore the various offerings themselves.
Wine tasting sessions are also a great value add, and a wine cellar makes things easier.

Of course, there are factors that decide the addition of a wine cellar to your establishment. Space is the most important; wine cellars are traditionally placed at the basement or even ground level, to avoid direct sunlight and maintain temperature better. If basement level storage is not an option, you may have to rethink your cooling methods and the cellar’s lighting conditions. These are where a Commercial Kitchen Planner could help you out. 


Lastly, another curiosity where a wine cellar would help you personally is wine investing. Similar to investing in antiquities or art, wine investing is a trend that’s slowly gaining traction worldwide. A report from Vinovest.com shows that wine has outperformed the S&P500 index over the past 30 years!  


So if the world of wine has excited you, do drop in at HPG Consulting, where expert Food and Beverage strategists and commercial menu planners can help you plan the perfect wine collection.