Do you want your restaurant to succeed? Then you need to come up with a game plan! A good kitchen layout, smart administration and efficient work processes are all key factors that will get your restaurant running like a well-oiled machine. But while smart administration and efficient work processes are easy to modify, swapping around your kitchen layout can be more of a challenge. This is why it pays to get it right from the start. To help you position your restaurant on the road to success, in this post, we present an introductory guide to setting up a restaurant kitchen. Read on.

Kitchen Layout

The first step is to get as acquainted as you can with kitchen layout basics. Your kitchen layout has a huge impact over your kitchen processes and productivity. Any restaurant’s value lies in the quality of their food and your food is produced in the kitchen. If you want your food to be as good as it can be, your kitchen has to be top of the line. Commercial kitchen design and planning can guide you in the right direction.


The first order of business is defining your equipment requirements. Once you know what tools you need to make your signature restaurant meals, you’ll be able to best understand how to set them up. Your equipment has to be distributed smartly around your kitchen space for quick and easy access, a quick cleanup, and neat aesthetics. At this point it is advisable to talk to your chef and get them involved in the project. Afterall, only the chef would know what tools he’ll need to operate the kitchen.

Health Codes

Get your hands on food industry head codes and study them closely. Unless you want your kitchen shut down before it even opens. Every safety and sanitation norm should be taken into account when setting up your kitchen’s layout. This will help you establish a safe work area and prevent the spread of diseases. Plus you’ll be able to pass your inspections with flying colors.

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Expert Knowledge

If you want to set up a profitable restaurant, investing in a kitchen layout planner is the most wise choice. A professional food industry consultant has the knowledge and experience necessary to map out a kitchen that will work according to your needs. Rather than settling for a one size fits all solution, you can get a fully customizable kitchen layout plan that truly works.

Wrap Up

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