The way a kitchen is designed in a food service establishment plays a crucial role in determining its efficiency. Having the right equipment in the right place not only makes the kitchen look organized, but also makes it easy to work efficiently, especially during the peak hours. In addition, having an organized kitchen would help you replace equipment, utensils and food item when they become obsolete or are expired. Continuing on the subject, the post outlines five must-have equipment you would require to organize your kitchen.

1. Holding Cabinets

Holding cabinets are designed to store cooked or baked food so that it is ready to be served quickly after your customers place their orders. As holding cabinets store food at an optimal temperature, they not only keeps food fresh, but also prevent any potential contamination. It is also a smart way to create space in your busy commercial kitchen. Holding cabinets are perfect for food service establishments, such as bakeries and restaurants.

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2. Dunnage Racks

As large sacks of flour, sugar, and rice or other bulky food products are prerequisites in a commercial kitchen, dunnage racks allow you to store bulk and heavy items safely off the floor while taking up very little kitchen space. Dunnage racks are sturdy low racks with gaps in between their resting panels to allow enough air flow for the raw food material stored in sacks.

3. Commercial Wall Shelving

Commercial wall shelving is one of the easiest ways to maximize a commercial kitchen space. They are designed to store essential cookware or items that may not be used daily, but still need to be easily accessible in the time of need. You will find a variety of commercial wall shelves available in different sizes and styles on the market.

4. Dish and Tray Carts

A dish and tray cart plays an important role in daily operation of any buffet or cafeteria. It is used to carry dirty dishes to the kitchen or bring clean dishes to your buffet or salad bar, keeping them in organized order. Dish and tray carts are designed to organize dishes and trays in a manner to prevent them from cracking or chipping.

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5. Refrigeration Baskets

A refrigerator loaded with raw food and ingredients can make the refrigerator look messy and hard to find things at the time of need. Refrigeration baskets not only help you keep food items is separate sections, but also help expand the storage space inside the refrigerator. Most of the refrigeration baskets are designed to tolerate even the coldest temperature inside the refrigerator.

Wrap Up

To create culinary masterpieces efficiently, you need right tools and equipment at the right time. An unorganized kitchen may, however, delay the cooking process, as most of your precious time may spent looking for cooking essentials. Hope this list helps you equip your kitchen with the right equipment that are sure to make a huge impact on your culinary services. If you are ready to set up your hotel or restaurant kitchen, but not sure where to start, contact HPG consulting. Our team of experienced Commercial kitchen planning consultants can help you find the best solution aligned with your needs. For details call at +91-9311-202-627 (Delhi), +91-890-4062-749 (Bangalore), + 91 -9711631009 (Mumbai), +971-56-373-8349 (Dubai).