When it comes to hotel facility planning, there are countless things to consider such as entrance, kitchen, lobby, dining areas, food court design layout, and backroom area. The considerations help you to project and optimize the efficiency of your operations and that’s when you need a team of experienced F&B design consultants such as HPG Consulting. HPG Consulting assist customers in the overall planning of a hotel project which starts with ideal area requirements, determination of guest facilities, operational inputs and requirements, staff facilities, guest and service cores and many more. Continuing on the subject, this blog covers some of the essential components to consider for hotel facility planning. Take a look.

1. Entrance Layout

The entrance of a hotel is an important component as its first thing potential customers see. Before greeting your guests with mouth-watering delicacies, you need to first prove that your hotel is worth staying at. It is, therefore, essential to work on your hotel’s entrance layout when planning a design layout. Depending on the theme, you can use beautiful lighting, music, and flowers to give an attractive look to your restaurant entrance.

2. Waiting Area

A waiting area reflects your hotel’s image and the quality of your services. It is a good place to display the events at your hotels such as weekly specials and happy hours. If you are planning to expand the space of a waiting area sometime in the future, we are here to help you. Our design plans incorporate future expansion needs to keep pace with the growing number of customers.

3. Kitchen Layout

Creating a proper kitchen layout is essential to ensure seamless operations. Your kitchen plan should cover positioning of work centers with respect to equipment such as drainage and food supply. Most leading F&B design consultants plan kitchen layout on the basis of two factors. The first factor deal with arrangements of individual pieces of equipment such as work tables, and the second factor involves planning for storing food materials.

4. Dining Room Layout

Dining room layout should be welcoming and comfortable. It affects customers’ comfort level and their dining experience. F&B design consultants can assist you in planning the perfect layout of a dining area. As a trusted consultant, we make sure that every dining room layout plan include important elements such as proper lighting systems, table centerpieces, table linens, glassware, and serveware.

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