Influencer marketing has taken the world of restaurants by storm, as it can benefit in many ways. Restaurant consultants should partner with influencers to create different types of marketing on social media, thus increasing the restaurant’s business to a great extent. Some tips while looking out for an influencer that would help restaurants are here.


A}. Choose an influencer who has visited your place and has enjoyed the food, ambiance, and everything about it, as they can bring out the best content when they are posting about the food in your restaurant. Hire an influencer who is a genuine fan and supporter of your restaurant as both your restaurant and the influencer would benefit from this. 


B}. Choose influencers who are on varied social media platforms. As each social media platform has its own benefits, getting your restaurant visible on multiple platforms maximizes the amount of exposure the restaurant can receive.


C). When a restaurant is wanting to increase its awareness, or brand, a new menu, a new location, or special event, it is better to target guests who are nearby, therefore hiring a local influencer is beneficial.


D). Ensure that the relationship with a chosen influencer should be maintained for a long time to gain the greatest awareness. The food influencer should highlight monthly specials, and start weekly blogs which need to be consistent. 


E). Before hiring an influencer, the restaurant consultant should analyze each influencer’s engagement rates and demographics. Ensure that the influencer chosen has specific criteria and qualities you need and also reaches the desired audience your restaurant needs.


Since influencer marketing has proved to be the most effective and fastest marketing strategy, restaurant consultants should build unique, fun, and successful campaigns together. A recommendation of a food influencer can have a positive effect, for example, an Instagram account surely increases its followers, and if the content strategy followed is effective, these followers will convert into customers soon.


Firstly, identify the potential clientele for your restaurant business, and search for influencers that address the same audience. 


Secondly, analyze the content delivered by the influencer, and see how this can be tied with the restaurant’s marketing storytelling.


Finally, create collaboration proposals for each influencer, with some inspirational ideas like:


  • Publish stories that show the preparation of the main dish, by inviting them to the restaurant kitchen. In such collaboration, the influencer benefits by publishing dynamic content for his followers, whereas the restaurant benefits by directly advertising their products to their clientele. 
  • Offer special discounts to the followers of the influencer, by posting videos with secret words, and the guest who finds it receives a free drink or dessert.
  • An event can be created that is relevant to food influencers, such as tastings, talks, workshops, cooking shows, and book presentations, all going live from their Instagram or Facebook accounts.
  • Preparing the influencer’s dish and naming it using their name.


The above methods establish an emotional bond, to have a good relationship with the food influencer, follow, like, and comment on their posts on social media has a more positive influence.