Commercial Laundry 

Commercial laundry is a laundering method where the process of washing and cleaning of hotel linen is done on an off-site premise. 

It is a model based on a contract between the client hotel and a commercial launderer who is a specialist in the field. The management of the commercial laundry is done by the commercial laundry Laundry designs and Planning company as per the requirement of the client hotel. 

Commercial laundry management when leased by the client hotel to the commercial laundry company has numerous benefits. Let’s see what they are:

1) Size of equipment: 

Commercial launderers have facilities that are equipped with industrial-sized washers, dryers, and pressing machines that can manage the large bulk of dirty/soiled linen in a short time, efficiently. 

This is especially beneficial for the client hotel because the heavy costs of investing in space and types of equipment are avoided.  

2) Time is vital: 

Managing commercial laundry get’s easier because Commercial launderers have a system designed to track pick-ups and drop-offs of the linen from the client hotel, on specific days and times. 

3) Cost-Efficient: 

The commercial launderers thanks to their set-up facilities can accommodate a large bulk of linen, deliver the clean and finished outcome at a cost-effective which works in favor of the client hotel. 

4) High-Efficiency: 

Timely pick-up and delivery of the cleaned linen, combined with the accountability of each item, inspection to maintain quality control, and a streamlined process makes commercial laundry management a highly efficient system to follow. 

5) Tracking makes life easy: 

Due to the use of RFID microchips and barcode tags, the management of commercial laundry and design planning gets easier for the commercial launderers and the client hotels, as tracking of the linen is possible. 

This method also helps in tracking whether unnecessary resources are not being wasted on replacements and repairs. 

6) Effective systems in place: 

Commercial laundry management is easy because of effective systems in place where the laundry processes take place because of the use of advanced equipment and technology such as: 

i) Precision water temperature control, 

ii) precise and computerized detergent release 

iii) automated wash cycles that cut the processing time of large bulk of the laundries and deliver high-quality results.  

7) Quality is guaranteed: 

The presence of standardized processes and quality control systems in place that is dictated by the industry protocols guarantees a certain level of cleanliness of the linens. 

Pieces of equipment that are present in commercial laundry management facilities are as follows: 

1) Laundering Equipment: 

i) Industrial sized washing machines

ii) Wash-cum-centrifuge and extractors 

iii) Hydro-extractors 

2) Pressing Equipment: 

i) Flat-bed press 

ii) Flatwork ironers 

iii) Calendars 

iv) Steam-Press 

v) Spotting Units

vi) Folding Machines 

vii) Steam cabinets 

3) Dry-Clean Equipment: 

i) Carts 

ii) Trolleys 

iii) Sacks 

A brief view of the process involved in the commercial laundry: 

Pre-Washing: The collection of the linen is done by the launderers from the client hotel. The transportation of linen, sorting, and weighing is done at the commercial laundry facility. 

Washing: Segregation of the linen can determine what wash would be required. More soiled linen would require a more intensive treatment as compared to the less soiled one. 

Rinsing and Hydro-extraction: Once the linen is washed, it needs to be rinsed and further excess water needs to be removed. 

Finishing: This involves the drying of the linen, ironing, folding, storing, and finally transferring the clean, laundered linen to the client hotel. 

Commercial laundry management is of paramount importance for both hotels and commercial laundry set-ups. That is why there is a pressing demand for a commercial laundry management consultant to help hotels and commercial laundry set-ups run their operations smoothly. 

Commercial laundry management consultants are trained personnel belonging to consulting companies that help set up the foundation of commercial laundry. The consultants analyze, plan facilities, process improvement, and manage the entire project. 

India’s best commercial laundry management consultants who have successfully help hotels manage their commercial laundry and have helped commercial laundry set-ups run efficiently and effectively belong to HPG Consulting. The consultants at HPG are trusted for their abilities to offer simplified consulting and planning services that include planning, designing, construction, operation, and staff training, for hotels, laundry businesses, and similar organizations. 

The Commercial laundry and design planning management consultants analyze the client hotel and commercial laundry set-ups requirements and design custom solutions catering to the precise need. All solutions offered by the consultants at HPG Consulting have the backing of solid industry knowledge and expertise.  

HPG Consulting with a vast knowledge of commercial laundry is beneficial for both hotel and commercial laundry set-ups. The consultants at HPG, help their clients set-up and streamline overall laundry operations. The consultants analyze the location of the commercial laundry set-up, design the laundry room and layout, gauge the utility requirement of the set-up and give a precise number of investments required to establish and support the operations of the commercial laundry set-up.

Since cost is a big factor involved here, the commercial laundry management consultants help their clients review their linen programs, check inventory procedures and study ordering patterns, evaluate the chemical program and related formulae, check the capability of the installed equipment. For client hotels, selection of the linen according to blends, yarn count, and size. The consultants also offer their expertise in reviewing the skills of the employees and gauge the productivity and efficiency through their metrics. Employee training in running equipment at commercial laundry set-ups is also undertaken by the consultants.

Hiring a consulting company such as HPG Consulting and working alongside their consultants can help hotels and commercial laundry set-ups achieve their desired goals. 

HPG Consulting provides world-class commercial laundry planning services, where advance planning tools and techniques are utilized to ensure the delivery of a high-quality service. The services delivered at HPG adhere to domestic and international quality standards. 

Benefits of Hiring HPG Consulting: 

1) New laundry business planning

2) Expansion or renovation of existing business

3) Market and technical feasibility analysis

4) Workflow and operational analysis

5) Document Preparation

6) Energy rebates and tax incentives

7) Energy conservation studies, planning’s, and recommendations

8) Labor and Workforce Management

9) Equipment Expansion

10) Cost and ROI Analysis

For more concise information on commercial laundry management, get in touch with an HPG Consultant today. There are a few solutions in the market that have shown considerable success, with the only drawback being they may be slightly more expensive.
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