Hotels require certain facilities to keep the working smooth and seamless along with allowing guests to have great experiences. Internal management of a hotel includes laundry management, waste reduction and waste management, Kitchen planning for the restaurant, and food service planning and management. Know about what hotel facility planning is and explore ways to improve the process of management of the hotel facilities.

What is hotel facility management?

Hotel facility management also referred to as hotel operations management refers to the planning, operation, and maintenance of a hotel or other hotel-related facility. The hotel management includes all functions involved in setting up a hotel, from choosing the location to advertising and operating it successfully. How is it different from other hotel operations? Hotel facility management is a somewhat separate discipline from the rest of the hotel management which includes room service management, food and beverage management, reservations management, and housekeeping management.

Hotel facilities need efficient and optimal use of resources for optimal use of resources. All the available resources need to be accounted for, including electricity, water, air conditioning, among others. All these factors must be controlled in an optimal manner, so as to achieve the right results. Guests are getting advanced in their living habits and they prefer to have a very fresh and clean environment wherever they stay.

Guest satisfaction is a prerequisite of every hotel facility. Hotel facilities need to maintain a proper environment to offer a pleasant and professional environment to the guests. If all the processes and activities of the hotel facility management are properly planned then this helps in building the brand name of the hotel. The presence of good staff in the hotels allows easy flow of work which helps in reducing any kind of delay in the working of the facilities. Also, the proper plan for the usage of resources is very essential for hotel facility management to ensure the productivity of resources. The required staff can be hired according to the requirement of the hotel to get quality and high productivity from the resources. Guest complaints need to be handled in an ordered and timely manner, so maintenance software that tracks and segregates these complaints is recommended.

Well-maintained facilities are essential for keeping employees motivated to work. When facilities are in order, the employees will have a pleasant working environment and will stay motivated to work hard and reach their targets. You can employ help from facility management to make sure that the work gets done properly. This will make the employees work even more efficiently and ensure that all the objectives are achieved. It will be easier to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team when the facilities are well-maintained. Facility management is an integral part of Hotel management. It is vital that the facilities are kept up to the mark as they not only make the hotel look great but also are helpful in attracting more guests.

Managing the laundry process


Every night a large quantity of linen and soft items like pillowcases and duvet covers are washed. The process also involves re-drying and drying each item. Some of the processes involve actually removing the stains from the linens, while some involve folding and refolding the linens to maximise efficiency. Top management is required for the day-to-day operations of the laundry process. Maintaining proper storage conditions Just as the conditions for drying and washing, those of storage and proper storage are also key. Ensuring that the linen is stored in a place that is dust-free, dry, and well ventilated to prevent them from picking up odours and other problems that can result in the growth of mould and bacteria.

Waste Management for hotels


Hotels often generate a large amount of waste, which is not only harmful to the environment but also makes the job of hotel facility management complex. It is necessary to have a food waste management process in place so as to prevent all this waste from polluting the environment. Green sustainable management of waste is also a step forward for the reduction of the carbon footprint of a hotel. Cleaning and sanitising are also necessary as dirty kitchen floors and dirty bathrooms go unnoticed while in a busy hotel. In terms of hygiene, the refrigerator needs to be constantly cleaned and free from bacteria. Indoor air quality in the hotel needs to be maintained.


The hospitality industry has seen some boom times and some poor times, but the success is dependent on the menu and menu development in the restaurants. It is important for the kitchens to choose the right ingredients and carefully plan on the menu of the restaurants. Many times the cuisine of the restaurant varies with the changing time, guests preferences and cuisine demands. So it is important to set up the kitchen layout in a way that it can adapt to the fluctuating requirements of the guests, staff and suppliers. Nearly 75% of the food is wasted in the hotels. Food waste is not only about quantity but also quality. The items that are the main ingredients of a dish are usually wasted. So a designated department must be set up for restaurant waste management.

Foodservice Planning and Management


Food service planning and management start with selecting an ideal location for your hotel, as well as the right type of tenant for your restaurant. Many hotels over-rely on their eateries to bring in the revenue, but in order for your hotel to make the right returns on investment, you must pay attention to every aspect of the operation. These include cleanliness and hygiene, manpower, food preparation and consumption, serving times, seating capacity, and equipment, among others. There should be an outline for your entire restaurant, in order to provide the best customer experience.

Many applications and softwares are available today for an organised way to manage hotel facilities and improve the guest experience. Proper housekeeping and maintenance streamlining are required along with a strict calendar to keep everything in order. Technology in the industry today is quite advanced and keeps all these and more factors in mind.

With proper communication, scheduling, organisation and technology, hotel facility management can be improved at a surprising rate!