Hotel Facility Management-Key to Guest Experience



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Hotel facility management planning is the tools and services that help with the functionality, safety, and sustainability of the infrastructure, building, surrounding area, and grounds. The integration of facilities management in the hotels has been the focus of the transformation of hotels globally. Hotel Facility Management has played a key role in fulfilling the industry’s objective of the ultimate guest experience. Right from asset maintenance, air conditioning, plumbing, lifts, lighting to a host of guest services such as security, concierge, room service; the five-star experience in hospitality is the ultimate benchmark for the quality of FM implementation.

Here is a list of a few facilities for the best guest experience:

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is a basic facility in any kind of hotel. Guests would expect their rooms to be clean. Since the pandemic started, cleanliness and hygiene are to be taken care of more than ever. For any hotel, irrespective of how highly starred it is, clean public spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms should meet the highest cleanliness standards.

Lighting: Hotels are about ambiance. Ambiances impress the guests. Improving lighting provides guests with a sense of safety and enhances the guest experience. As an integral part of facilities management, lighting needs maintenance and ensuring that they are working properly. It’s a turnoff for the guests if the lights do not work.

Responsive call answering services: Most hotels have intercoms. There is also a policy to receive calls by three rings. If the call goes unreceived or is received by someone who doesn’t have the required information, that can sometimes irritate the guest. The telephone will be strictly maintained by a qualified agent who answers the guest’s questions efficiently.

Internet: People expect a free internet connection wherever they are. Where they are at airports, railway stations, or anybody’s home. Then why not in a hotel in which they are going to stay. Hotels in these times must offer internet with good connectivity.

Comfortable and cozy beds: The ultimate purpose of the hotel is to provide a place to rest at the end of the day. Make sure that you use the best quality of beds, bedsheets, and comfortable mattresses. Maintain them by cleaning on time. The bed should also be positioned for proper air circulation.

Check-in and check-out: The check-in and check-out should be made as smooth as possible. Nowadays, the check-in and check-out experience has gone up a notch to another level – from pod check-ins to personalized iPad check-in. Along with the exciting experiences, hotel management should focus on providing a clear direction and convenience for the guest. General managers and facilities managers should ensure as many rooms and amenities are in working order and available to guests.

Food: Goof food is the key to guest satisfaction. Serve simple but delicious. Many high-end hotels do not attract a lot of guests because of their mediocre food. The availability of food and beverages may vary depending on the hotel service levels, but adding things like hot and fresh food options can add to the hotel experience. It is one of the important facilities for the best guest experience.

Aroma: The smell of the environment has a significant impact on the traveler’s first impression. So the facilities and supplies should be fresh and air circulated. Aromas influence any guest’s perception of hygiene and cleanliness.

Security: People travel for various reasons. For work, for vacation, or just a getaway. And taking care of the belonging of the guest is of prime importance. Many hotels now provide personalized safety and security protocols for individuals with different profiles like women, children, and the elderly. The use of technology for security has been increasingly growing, but some guests still emphasize the human touch

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Guest experiences rely on superior staff performance. Hotel facility management should make sure the guest’s experiences are uninterrupted, which will build customer loyalty. Facilities for the best guest experience, higher occupancy rates, better guest feedback, fewer complaints, and less intrusive activities like maintenance during guest stays, lead to lower operating costs and even lower nightly rates. Effective, integrated hospitality facilities management creates a win-win for hotel personnel and guests alike.